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Re: Muon's Case
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and hypersexuality. Hypersexuality is excruciating i cannot focus. When i get aroused my muscles tense up...

I'm using Metoprolol succinate Ret T 50 mg (slow releasing) for the last 8 days for cardiac issues and it seems to neutralize the hypersexuality spikes. I already knew this from the one time I used the 25 mg tartrate once but I found that form too intense. It also reverses the weakness in the legs a bit, It feels like more blood is flowing through my legs, knee joints feel better and I feel that my feet get more resistance against the ongoing fungal creep. It also does something to my brain, I get the impression that my brain is locked into a different state. My GP proposed to up the dose to 75 mg because it doesn't have a constant effect to leg weakness, it seems to come in waves/bursts.
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Re: Muon's Case
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Alot of beta blockers lower testosteron

Testosteron is needef for tissue repair