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Investigation Areas / Only thing that helps me
« Last post by Legendary_animal on Today at 01:55:28 PM »
So in the past 2 months after discovering the community, I have tried many medicines and supplements. Consulted psychologist and neuro. But nothing seems to help. In fact, some of these drugs worsened my symptoms.

I have only one symptom and that is severe fatigue. Now fatigues can be of different types. For me, it is a blackout (very short though) when I stand, headaches in different parts of my heads, and sleepiness, inability to think. This could be low blood pressure related, but I have an automatic BP monitor and it doesn't give accurate readings Sometimes the environment seems to vibrate to me (kind of dizziness). Other symptoms I have are mostly psychological developed due to trauma of pois over time (speech problems, lack of confidence, etc)

So caffeine helps me greatly with my symptoms. After drinking coffee, I feel almost normal for 2 hours and then it's effects start withdrawing. I'll try RedBull next time and see how for how much duration it lasts.

Since coffee does wonders for me (temporarily though) and nothing else works so I think the solution to my POIS or underlying problem can be quite straight. I just can't get it though. I need your help with this.

My reports are all clean, good vitamins and testosterone levels, I take healthify diet, workout regularly. Tried antihistamines (hydroxyzine, Montelukast, levoceterizine), niacinamide, multivits, ibuprofen, omega 3, antidepressants (clonazepam and etizolam). Currently on abstinence, had a wet dream 3 days back and I still have weakness.
Just to add to the conversation: I'm suspecting mercury from dental amalgam is triggering my mast cells. Will post more info after I've experimented a bit more, but here's a quick summary:

* After a fair bit of research and experimentation I believe I've got a mast cell activation disorder
* Avoiding my triggers (notably orgasm, certain foods, very cold or very hot weather, exercise) helps, but I've constantly got low-level "background" symptoms regardless of triggers
* Pain in jaw for 20+ years where I used to have mercury amalgam fillings
* Read recent research indicating that Chlorella is very effective in removing mercury
* Started taking chlorella daily
* Immediately noticed physical effects, such as numbness and tingling in jaw and feet
* Have been taking it 1 month. Numbness/tingling has subsided, pre-existing skin lesions and inflammation look better. No obvious change to cognitive background symptoms so far. Have not tried orgasm
Can be. I had colds, stomach viruses till puberty when my immunity strengthened. At 4/5 years had near-pneumonia, temp went almost to 40 celsius, was given antibiotics, got cured. Maybe the antibiotic at that age did something but neither I or parents recall its name so might need to ask GP.
to be clear, I was thinking about the neurological symptoms of convalescent COVID19 patients, CFS like symptoms. brain fogs. etc.
I have no idea whether my POIS is induced by herpes. but Celecoxib does wonders to my POIS symptoms if taken as part of a prepack.
This may sound far-fetched right now, but hear me out.

1. 4 strains of common coronavrius (HCoV-OC43, HCoV-HKU1, HCoV-229E, and HCoV-NL63) have been around for decades, mostly affecting kids/teens until they build up immunity

2. From COVID19, we know that immune response to coronavirus vary by orders of magnitude. and a minority have lingering complications.

3. Those who had long-term complications are similar to Mast-cell activation syndrome.
An example here:

So maybe just maybe, some POIS were acquired as a result of the other common coronavirus infection in early childhood: our immune system being set into a hypersensitive state to PGE2/histamine generated by an O, and also our nervous system being ultrasensitive to cytokines/histamines etc.

I have no way to prove or disprove this right now. but if there is a sudden increase in POIS patients in the next 5 years. This hypothesis is worth considering

The silver lining is that with more people reporting POIS, we might finally get more understanding and potentially a cure out of this.
Lifestyle Diary / Re: My POIS
« Last post by Unvers on Today at 09:14:51 AM »
Welcome back Unvers, my POIS type is similar but I am now focusing in the vagus nerve with very good results:,nerve%20in%20a%20natural%20way.

(You don't really need to take any course, there is a lot of free material on the internet and youtube)

To be honest I have never evaluated this theory, for now I got niacin, a 100mg tablet, so it must be taken half an hour before having orgasm?
Thank you, HOD, for the extensive review. A Melisa test showed that I have a strong positive reaction (that is to say, hypersensitivity) to inorganic mercury. Here are some of my views on mercury:

4) Most importantly, to the point. There are tons of information on the internet, e.g. Andy Cutler chelation, other chelation protocols (e.g. or Quicksilver Scientific, about how to chelate mercury. The problem is, each one says this is the only safe way, and all the others are bad and unsafe. I don't know which one to trust. I can't really find scientific articles in peer-reviewed journals that say: "this method was tested extensively and is considered safe." I am not convinced that chelation is a safe process, that's what I worry about. I don't know if these chelation protocols have been tested on lab animals - for example, for side effects. 

Quicksilver is a known multilevel marketing scheme which uses binders which do NOT have the chemical properties required to chelate. As far as am I am aware all known chelators of mercury are dithiols (ALA, DMSA, DMPS).

I have followed ACC for over a year now and my POIS is significantly improved, and I believe I will be 100% cured in another year. Understand that ACC was developed by people testing things on a forum in the 90s through trial and error, Andy just happened to partake and happened to have the scientific knowledge to piece together why it works, Andy also applied the half-life dosing idea used throughout the medical industry.

There are no "tests" which can accurately show mercury burden, this is only possible through autopsy. Andy thought the best way to test for mercury would be just to try his protocol, and any sort of reaction to the chelators confirms mercury (positive or negative).

What I miss however, is that it seems not everybody on this forum has had amalgam fillings. That's what makes me skeptical about this whole mercury toxicity/hypersensitivity hypothesis as a root cause for POIS. While it is true that there are other sources of mercury (like fish), I think the main one generally is amalgam fillings. It doesn't look like many people here have them (evidence: see that that mercury threads are not super active). There was an old poll about mercury, and several members have replied they've never had amalgamas.

So, thanks for the compliment, HOD, but the above paragraph is one piece I really am missing from this puzzle. I still believe in the mercury hypothesis, though, just trying to link this with everything else.

It doesn't matter if you never had amalgams, mercury can be passed from parent to child. So if your mother had amalgams, or your grandmother then it's still possible. Also, their are other exposures to mercury:- broken CFL lamps, vaccines (this is controversial but it is a scientific fact that many contain thimerasol which is used as a preservative), bulbs.. many more. Their are many people on the ACC forums whom have never had amalgams who have found significant improvements/been cured from similar autoimmune conditions to POIS. Even a trip to a conventional dentist office exposes you.
Hi John

I read that you have to take the supplements every 3 hours, did you do this everyday for one year or did you take break?



ACC is to do an appropriate dose of ALA every 2-3 hours for atleast 63hrs (including throughout the night), you then take 3 days off. That's 1 round.

I've done over 70 rounds at this point. Tend to do a round a week.

Hi JohnJames,

The mercury makes alot of sense, seeing as it most likely causes mcas and histamine intolerance.

How is all of your POIS symptoms now and other health issues since your last activity on this post in February??

Also how many rounds  of ACC have you done so far?

Good actually, my life is slowly getting back on track, I've done over 70 rounds. My POIS is only bad for a day after orgasm, I'm getting more sociable and outgoing and sleeping much better. I have a girlfriend now, work 9-5, exercise, do weekend activities/have a social life, all of which would of been too tiresome or I would of been too depressed to do effectively before starting this process. I used to spend all day every day playing videogames, people are noticing differences in me, my mom said that I seem much happier and more content than I used to (I haven't told her about any of this).

Histamine and MCAS problems are extremely common in mercury toxic folk, so would make sense.

Interesting pose, but how is orgasm causing symptoms?

I don't know the exact pathway, but something is going wrong somewhere, and I think Mercury is behind it. Mercury damages many of the systems which come into play during orgasm/ejaculation (nervous system, endocrine system, etc).

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