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General POIS Discussions / Re: Free Flow Discussion about POIS
« Last post by demografx on Today at 01:58:23 PM »

Thanks to your participation, we are well on our way to a very meaningful survey. I am already excited to share these results with you all and with the medical community.

Keep up the great work!

Isaac Bronson, MS
MD Candidate, Class of 2025

Hi all,
I’m excited to announce a new POIS survey and focus group study being launched out of UMass Chan School of Medicine! I’d like to introduce the study’s principal investigator, Isaac Bronson, who is a 4th year medical student at UMass Chan.

He discovered he himself was a POIS patient about a decade ago and went to medical school in hopes of finding a solution to the disease!

Since Isaac suffers from The Psychosocial Burden of POIS like the rest of us, his first study on this topic aims to shed light on the burden of this disease, and to share the results with the medical community.
Without further ado, please see Isaac’s message below for this study titled “The Psychosocial Burden of Post-Orgasmic Illness Syndrome”!


From Isaac Bronson:
“Hello all,
I am a medical student at UMass Chan Medical School in Massachusetts who hopes to improve awareness of Post-orgasmic Illness Syndrome (POIS) to discover effective treatments for the disease.
A significant part of this disease being so burdensome is its effect on your lives as a whole. We aim to publish our results to show the medical research community that POIS is not just a problem with ejaculation, it can be debilitating across many domains of life. This study offers you the opportunity to share your stories.
Please complete the survey below and please consider opting into the Zoom focus group session, which you will be offered to do at the end of the survey:
To meet the inclusion criteria, subjects must be born with male anatomy, and either have been diagnosed with POIS or believe themselves to have POIS. You must be a current resident of the United States to participate in the focus group portion of this study. The study team will record focus group sessions for analysis.

This survey will be posted on,, and and will be open for 6 weeks. Please feel free to share it wherever you believe it will reach sufferers of POIS. Please reach out to with any questions.”

« Last post by demografx on Today at 01:57:19 PM »

Dr. Nicole Prause, co-investigator of our
2024 POIS Research Study got a chance to talk a little POIS in this podcast!

Please watch the above video to get a better idea of what’s coming soon with our 2024 POIS Research Study

Hi less_fogged,

I can't say I've noticed that feeling  at the back/bottom of my head. But out of curiosity, have you found a way to heal or better manage your situation?

The most closely i can find corelating with part my symptomes are

I hawe this severe in pois sometimes, when i do
visual high arousall test, then is most severe in pois.
(like 30min test no more than that).

Which disorder causes muscle tightness and poor coordination?
Ataxia describes poor muscle control that causes clumsy voluntary movements. It may cause difficulty with walking and balance, hand coordination, speech and swallowing, and eye movements. Ataxia usually results from damage to the part of the brain that controls muscle coordination (cerebellum) or its connections.

Guys, does enyone of you hawe thouse symptoms of
ataxia like me?
I have it too, especially when I spend a lot of time looking at screens, especially my phone. In fact, for example, when I go out with friends or have to do something I try to look at my phone as little as possible

May I know what diet you are on now?
Lifestyle Diary and POIS Summaries / Re: WET DREAMS EVERYDAY
« Last post by Andre2505 on Today at 10:28:04 AM »
I have a good muscle body, this experiment it?s not normal, I mean this can ruin your life more than wet dreams. Please don?t do that

Ciao fratello ti ho inviato dei messaggi in privato non so se li hai letti. Sono italiano anche io

Mod edit: Hi brother, I sent you some messages privately, I don't know if you read them. I'm Italian too
I must say that after the first week at the dose of 300 mg of Benfotiamine, I felt the presence of new symptoms, milder but still annoying, such as back pain and slight fogginess.
Reading on the Hormones Matter website I understood that it could be a renal overload due to the loss of potassium and bicarbonate due to the high dose of thiamine (renal tubular acidosis).
I knew that potassium was an important cofactor, but I ignored it initially and limited myself to taking magnesium citrate, zinc and b complex as described in the previous post.
I decided to supplement with potassium citrate at a dose of around 750 mg, but no benefit.
The next day I then added some sodium bicarbonate (1 tsp) to the potassium and the usual supplementation and BOOM! instant disappearance of mental fog and tension in the lower back.
So now I supplement with potassium bicarbonate and I'm making incredible progress. I don't know how to describe but it's like until now I've seen the world in 360p and now I'm able to see the world in 4k.
My explanation of the phenomenon is this: I may have suffered from a mitochondrial dysfunction in recent years, which has gradually worsened over time.
This dysfunction prevents glucose from entering the krebs cycle producing co2, which instead becomes lactic acid.
Lactic acid saturates the tissues giving the chronic sensation of having just completed an intense physical effort.
High-dose thiamine apparently is able to reverse mitochondrial damage until healing and bicarbonate, by raising the intracellular pH, pushes lactic acid out of the cells.
I will definitely continue to update in the coming months on my situation. Good luck to everyone!
What is POIS / Re: Is POIS a version of CFS?
« Last post by less_fogged on May 25, 2024, 08:46:32 PM »
Brainstem perfusion is impaired in chronic fatigue syndrome

Thanks for highlighting this article!
General POIS Discussions / Re: Not impressed by POIS research
« Last post by less_fogged on May 25, 2024, 08:40:53 PM »
And never was.

I also wonder if researchers write reviews for the sole reason to boost their careers, to keep themselves relevant.

I think the professional medical community is like a bubble of people that are out of touch with reality. Critical thinking made place for boot licking.

This thread will probably be disliked by most readers. I don't care, so be it.

Hi Muon,

I can imagine how you feel. You've posted so much on the forums that all your posts combined together is probably worth as much or more than all the scientific POIS articles combined ever written! Maybe you should now work with the researches to show them how things get done.
Hi Pleasehelpheal

I know easier said than done but you must hang in there. I know the feeling I've been through the same and I'm going into my 50's. Sometimes it just feels like hell. But as you get older it becomes more manageable. Don't let it become psychological because it's not.

Even though your forehead and/or sometimes your body seems to be the main places that make it difficult...but....when you are under a lot of mental strain/stess have you ever noticed a slight bit of pain or agitation at the back/bottom of your head?
If that would be the case then maybe it's worth convincing your doctor you'd want to get a neurospect scan cause that would mean you have damage in brainstem area. Which would confirm you have ME/CFS.  That was my case at least after years of searching. I'm now convinced I have a POIS version of ME/CFS
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