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I'm in
Great, VSmasher, I have just sent you the contact information.
Also, a 50mg dose of kanna extract about an hour before bed also blocks Nocs.
What is POIS / Re: POIS, heart and HRV
« Last post by berlin1984 on Today at 03:40:38 PM »
My POIS and Orthostatic Intolerance (POTS maybe?) have been quite bad in the first half of the year, but now seems quite OK!

It seems like since June, my heart rate variability went up from like 35 to 45 (NOTE: You can not compare between persons, only compare to your own values).

Some things that changed:
* Vitamin D levels went up probably because of summer
* Hay fever season for me ended in end of June
* Increased salt consumption in general, also SaltStick salt pills and vitassium salt pills. More water.
* I did more walking and biking to become more fit again, also re-started to go to gym (strength machines) in last weeks and was swimming in pool a few times.
* I toned my coffee consumption down, stopped for some weeks and now back at only 1 coffee and only drink it from 11 AM.
* I worked less.

Note I'm taking post/pre-packs for orgasm, this is just a general observation..

Picture attached from smart watch.. note: I mostly don't wear it while sleeping, only in daytime when not being at my work desk.
social interaction is very anti-pois
Well, for the last three days I've been running up and down the stairs with heavy boxes that I could barely lift, and carrying furniture around. Zero symptoms so far, quite the opposite, I actually feel good!
Factors contributing to symptom reduction

  • Intens (heavy weights) body building exercises (most of them in flat or inclined position). Short powerful movements, almost explosive with Reps between 3-5. The trick is you need to induce a pump. Need to add more details
July 2020: She had to push against a mobile caravan for a short time window with alot of force and felt immediately better afterwards.
As soon as I get a POIS episode my stomach becomes upset. Food stop tasting good and feels heavy in the stomach.

It seems like food absorption is atrocious for 10 days following an O]

Same here - food just sits in my stomach forever. The whole digestive process slows down a lot. I believe this causes most of my main symptoms. If I could figure out what makes this happen - I should be able to find some way to correct it or manage it better. I suspect at this point that it is due to a faulty hormonal response following O.
Hi I went to a urologist and had an ultrasound and a CRP test to notice inflammation and enlargement of the prostate.I am receiving treatment and almost 99% of pois problems have been resolved with medication.I feel better every day. I'm sure the pois problems are related to the prostate. I am sending the list of tests
General Alternative Causes and Treatments of POIS / Re: Mastic Gum etc
« Last post by Limejuice on Today at 11:06:37 AM »

…The new mastic bottle arrived so the trials with your success continues.

Exciting progress news, Limejuice!
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