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General Alternative Causes and Treatments of POIS / Re: Got Cured
« Last post by demografx on October 15, 2021, 04:38:58 PM »

My Psychiatrist prescribed melatonin for me. I sleep so good, wake up relaxed, stress is gone.
As stress is was an important factor for my pois I hugely recommend taking it.

My POIS is gone and I think I can help some of this forum's members.

Melatonin has helped me with
• jet lag
• better sleep

But it did nothing for my POIS.

But I hope it continues to help your POIS, lw!
General Alternative Causes and Treatments of POIS / Re: HARD ERECTION
« Last post by demografx on October 15, 2021, 03:23:14 PM »
FernandoPOIS, your example above might explain why I had no POIS symptoms when I took a PDE5 inhibitor (Levitra) 10 years ago. Before starting TRT.

But sadly, it stopped working eventually. I’m trying to re-test it. My cardiologist says yes/ok, but he wants me to first get more regular exercise. I have had a history of coronary artery disease with 5-way bypass  - - and I’m a little too sedentary/inactive, so a PDE5 inhibitor might be too strenuous for my heart.
Hormonal Causes and Treatments / Re: Testosterone
« Last post by demografx on October 15, 2021, 08:35:31 AM »

Thanks for the [testosterone] update Demo. I wish you good luck with the new prescription. Please let us know if you notice any increased [POIS] benefits.

Feeling better!

But it might be too soon to tell. So far, it’s either the 33-1/3% increase in Androderm TRT Rx, or…
:) the-vaccine-that-we-don’t-talk-about :)

Or the sleeping mask!

Or both all 3!


The most noticeable improvement is in my POIS-recovery time, the refractory period. I’m recouping more quickly.

Quantum, I’m happy to edit the above ;D
Hormonal Causes and Treatments / Re: Testosterone
« Last post by demografx on October 15, 2021, 08:30:14 AM »

You are consistently using the sleeping mask now, right? Then I'd say that should help too :)

Thanks, Berlin! I forgot to mention that!!

Yes, last night was my 4th successful night with the Hannibal Lectern mask!!
;D ;D
Hormonal Causes and Treatments / Re: Testosterone
« Last post by berlin1984 on October 15, 2021, 07:37:50 AM »
You are consistently using the sleeping mask now, right? Then I'd say that should help too :)
General Alternative Causes and Treatments of POIS / HARD ERECTION
« Last post by FernandoPOIS on October 15, 2021, 07:26:03 AM »
I have new information that could be valuable.
I realized that when I have an orgasm with a very hard penis, I have no symptoms.
Many who suffer from POIS have anxiety and have difficulty maintaining a strong erection and often experience premature ejaculation.
In my case as I never had symptoms when orgasm happens with traditional sexual intercourse (with a partner) I always suspected that there could be some relationship with adequate blood flow to the genital region.
I decided to experiment with masturbation. I was very relaxed in a very calm and private environment and maintained a good erection for a few minutes before ejaculating and had no symptoms after orgasm, not even the traditional fatigue that practically everyone has after an orgasm (even those who don't suffer from POIS) . As I use Sertraline 50 mg (1 x a day), ejaculation does not come as fast as if I were without the medication. So I suggest you try starting therapy to reduce anxiety, preferably with medication that increases the availability of serotonin.
It's not a definite certainty because I had these orgasms 1 week apart. Maybe if you increase the frequency the result can be different.
General Alternative Causes and Treatments of POIS / Re: Zinc deficiency
« Last post by hosien2008 on October 15, 2021, 05:16:00 AM »
I am very happy to be with you. I am currently taking supplements and I have no symptoms. Of course, my zinc level was low in the test.
General POIS Discussions / Re: Has flu/respiratory infection stopped POIS?
« Last post by certainlypois2 on October 15, 2021, 03:29:09 AM »
Poll Center / Re: ALL PLEASE ANSWER! Daily Computer Screen Usage
« Last post by BoneBroth on October 14, 2021, 03:57:26 PM »
I read in a book that watching the computerscreen too long time consumes vitamin A in the eye. Everytime the light shifts your eye consumes and destroyes a molecule of Vitamin A. Vitamin A is involved in the hormone production.
POIS Research / Re: Muon's Case
« Last post by Muon on October 14, 2021, 03:38:01 PM »
Starting today with a calcium channel antagonist; Diltiaz HCL AUR 120MG T RET, 1 per day.

Quit taking it yesterday. No effect on any of my symptoms.

My brain feels drained, stress and pois can induce this. My brother (the one with POIS) complains about a drained brain as well. He is on medication (need to look up name), his prolactin is 4 times the upper limit probably due to the medication. His POIS has gotten worse.

I get the impression that my brain is not able to optimally supply the body. It feels like there is difference in tension in certain muscles, especially the right side of the lower back. Once that is tense, I can feel the urge to urinate. At the same time the glans penis becomes sensitive in a wrong way (not sexual related) to friction. The center of my head feels activated.

If I had to make a guess I would say the supply could be related to blood or neurotransmission. Plus there is a waterbed effect going on. When tension in one part of the body is normalized, it then could shift to somewhere else.

I had a conversation with someone. Had to raise my volume because of background sounds. Tension of facial muscles in left half of face disappeared for the most part and wasn't able to control these facial muscles for a moment, like a balloon losing air and gets flabby. The brain was involved as well, it comes from the brain. Lack of some kind of brain juice?

Low grade chronic stress affects center of head. Body gets stiffer. Harder to move.
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