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General POIS Discussions / Re: Developed POIS after antibiotic use
« Last post by Simon66 on Today at 09:05:00 PM »
I have a feeling that a lot of inflammation comes from a damaged mucosal lining of the gut.

Most of the immune system is in the lining of the gut where it needs to kill pathogens from our food. Without a strong mucosal lining, I imagine the immune system goes haywire.

I've had a flare of my issues recently and did not improve from taking probiotics, colostrum or Allicin. I'm currently focusing on rebuilding my gut mucosa, I think Lecithin could be the supplement needed so I've ordered some soy lecithin softgels which I tolerate well. For those allergic to soy, there is also sunflower lecithin.
Am I the only one who does not understand what hairline split means? Why nobody makes any medical research articles or anything like that about this? What are the researchers waiting for? More people who get POIS and then start failing at jobs/school/everything because of them becoming impaired by those symptoms?

They WILL get on it, just keep holding on.  They need enough outcries and theories to go off of, so some brain can come along and figure it all out.

Hello Kit, Try taking 10mgs of Zyrtec everyday, and 50mgs of Benadryl immediately following orgasm with a full glass of water.  Stay on the Zyrtec for at least one or two months.

Hi happy2! I will discuss this suggestion with my doctor first!
Thank you!

Thank you very much for this post, Kit!
Ok, sorry demo.
Nice to see you back Happy2. Is your POIS still in remission without medication? I wanted to ask why you decided to use Benadryl after orgasm instead of before?

Yes, still in remission.  Sheer intuition, after pouring over hundreds of comments on different websites, I decided to do after.  I think.  It was a long time ago.  Nocturnal emission, maybe after was my only option.
when something like this happens its usually because of a hairline split between the tubes in the testes

"Something like this" meaning POIS? Many (most?) people on the forum have other triggers that result in the same or similar symptoms as orgasm does. Like exercise for example.

It’s a capillary thing.
Lifestyle Diary and POIS Summaries / Re: Clues' case so far
« Last post by demografx on Today at 03:35:34 PM »
Yes, you definitely have (...) You should (...). I'm sure your skin issues will resolve as soon as you (...)

FYI, it's better if you'd rephrase this to:
You might have
You could
It might be that your skin issues will resolve

Because of:
Do not use POISCenter as a substitute for, or to give, medical advice
You may share information about your experiences, but do not play the role of health professional.

Thank you!
General POIS Discussions / Re: Wim Hof method
« Last post by Iwillbeatthis on Today at 01:28:21 PM »
I tried Wim Hof lots of times and it always gave me brain fog and speech difficulties afterwards, I suspect because of spinal fluid or blood flow distribution issues. Which is annoying for me because it seems very beneficial for most people who try it.
General POIS Discussions / Re: Wim Hof method
« Last post by Clues on Today at 10:27:37 AM »
Btw, does anyone know of any scientific study specifically into the safety of Wim Hof breathing? I think I'd be tempted to give it another try if it'd been shown to be safe. I think if I tried it again, I would try to ease into it rather than starting with the full breathing exercise right off the bat.
General POIS Discussions / Re: Wim Hof method
« Last post by Clues on Today at 08:16:03 AM »
Laotzu1980, thanks for sharing. I tried it also, and this was my experience:

As part of my symptom picture, I've had a lot of pain and stiffness in my jaw, to the point where the right meniscus (padding between the jaw and cranium) slipped out of place temporarily at one point and I couldn't close my mouth. In addition, I've always had a subjective feeling of bad circulation, especially in my hands and feet.

When I tried Wim Hof, I got this amazing tingling feeling in my jaw and extremities, and the pain and stiffness receded temporarily. I also felt a sort of natural high, similar to how I feel after intense exercise (which I avoid because it triggers POIS symptoms). I was also very surprised at how quickly I was able to hold my breath for waaaaay longer.

I suspect it would have been good for me to continue, and that there is some substance to the claims behind it. However I personally stopped doing it after 4-5 sessions because the quick breathing part of the exercise felt quite bad for me; It felt a bit like drowning, and I found myself dreading each session. It felt like it heightened my stress, at least during the exercise, which surely can't be good. Also, and bear in mind this is 100% subjective, I was worried that I would get a heart attack or something as the whole experience felt pretty extreme. Again, this is not based on any scientific evidence, just subjectively felt a bit too rough on my body.

I think it's wise, as Laotzu1980 says, to check with your doctor first if you want to give it a try.
General POIS Discussions / Re: Wim Hof method
« Last post by Muon on Today at 08:13:36 AM »
WHB also alters certain cytokines (scientifically proven).
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