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That Familiar Feel / Re: Developed POIS after antibiotic use
« Last post by Muon on Today at 05:33:31 AM »
I have some burning sensation in my muscles and twitching, I also get a strange underarm body odour and my urine is very bubbly like I'm expelling something abnormal.

I always get the impression that something is being dumped into my body and that some kind of clearance rate isn't high enough at that moment to get rid of this concentration, especially when the POIS reaction tones down it feels like my body is covered in something. (this is also something that I experience due to hot weather conditions without POIS trigger)

My interpretation is that POIS ignites an autoinflammatory reaction. Products of this reaction are being dumped into my body and when the autoinflammation diminishes the products are still there lagging behind with the clearance process. Since I also get an oily skin I suspect this might be lipid generation in general as a result of this inflammation. Yes sometimes my urine is bubbly as well.

This is a reason why I want to test for molecules like Lp-PLA2 and other lipid/enzyme products.

I also wonder what your interferon gamma level might be.

And about food reactions, I think it might have to do with an error in our mucosal immune system (perhaps POIS as well).
That Familiar Feel / Re: Day 2 worse than Day 1
« Last post by Investigator on Today at 01:31:23 AM »
For me, for about a year and a half, it used to be always worse day 1, then slightly better day 2. But nowadays, in my third year of POIS, I feel almost no symptoms on day 1 and it all starts on day 2. I've been experimenting with various supplements, now also with garlic.

There was a statement in one of Dr. Waldinger's papers that the occurrence is pretty stable within a man (and varies quite a lot across men); this is not quite the case for me, as I've been experimenting.

It is often hard to tell which day it is also because I get symptoms after just pre-cum (e.g. if I look at a beautiful girl on the streets and pre-cum a little bit, without ejaculation or orgasm).

This week, I was doing another experiment: try moderate physical exercise on day 1, despite the fatigue. I tried and felt great. Tried also moderate on day 2. Again I felt fine. But then I just woke up on day 3 with some of the symptoms. But I also had some precum this morning. 
But I did not feel sleepy after reduces my anxity.brain fog.brain tightnessand head I just need to manage my sleep.
Hi Special123.

Tell your DOCTOR to prescribe you Maxitrol ayes drops.

This is steroid, antibiotics drops ...

This is the only drops that worked for me for this big problem in pois.

Those drops did so helpfull that i dont use them enny more (wery rare!)

After 10 -15 min after drops use, inflammation is allredy beter!

Because it is steroid, I only use 4 to 5 drops in 3-4 days in pois,
that was enough to slove the inflammation.
If you carry a contact lens, you have to put them out when using a drops (read side effects) ....
See with you DOCTOR!
That Familiar Feel / Eye pain, red eyes, blurry vision, pain behind eyes
« Last post by special123 on June 18, 2019, 04:54:38 PM »
I know eye problems are common among members here on this forum. After O, among other debilitating symptoms, I always no matter what experience red, bloodshot, burning, stinging eyes for the 2-3 days after O, until it gradually gets better. Most recently, after my last NE, I also had a bad pressure feeling behind my eyes.  This is quite possibly the most painful aspect of POIS for me. I wear contacts, but cannot seem to tolerate them during these 2-3 days of eyes problems.

I am trying some prescription anti inflammatory eye drops per the recommendation of my GP (who has no clue how to treat POIS by the way).

Any solutions members have found for eye problems? Have you found eye drops to work? Anything else?
That Familiar Feel / Re: Developed POIS after antibiotic use
« Last post by Muon on June 18, 2019, 01:40:59 PM »
Flares are also seen in autoinflammatory syndromes.
Investigation Areas / Re: Lactose Intolerance
« Last post by Simon66 on June 18, 2019, 11:09:18 AM »
I have the memory issues, I keep forgetting what I was just going to do so it's short-term memory. I also have long-term memory issues like recalling movie names and actors.

With regards to this thread, I've read that dairy products contain Taurine. I'm wondering if the lack of cow's milk due to lactose intolerance has had an impact on my symptoms. I will get a Taurine supplement tomorrow and will update my progress in my other thread.
That Familiar Feel / Re: Developed POIS after antibiotic use
« Last post by Simon66 on June 18, 2019, 10:43:31 AM »
I believe Garlic really messed me up, all of my symptoms have been flooding back.

I've tried to recover with a mix of L-Arginine, Acidophilus and another probiotic. I've also just added dried Goji Berries. It's been 5 days since I stopped the Garlic pills and still things aren't back to normal so I'm left questioning whether the arginine and probiotics are as good I thought they were.

I've ordered some L-Taurine powder based on b_jim's experience and will be trying it in the next few days. L-Taurine sounds like it could be the solution to my issues because of these reasons:

1) Taurine is a co-factor for Magnesium and Calcium. I currently react badly to Magnesium, it worsens all of my symptoms so perhaps Magnesium supplementation is depleting what little Taurine I have available. I also react badly to Calcium supplements.

2) Taurine is the main amino acid in the eye, it is also an antioxidant that protects the eye from damage. My most severe symptoms affect my eyes; I have dry eyes, lots of eye floaters, sometimes a feeling like my eyes are swollen and going to explode, seeing flashes of light and intermittent blurry vision particularly when I eat green vegetables like spinach.

3) Taurine has been used to treat tinnitus. Tinnitus is another of my symptoms, I have high-pitched tonal tinnitus in my right ear and sometimes the pulsatile, heartbeat tinnitus in my left ear.

4) Taurine seems to be good for organs like the kidneys, liver & bones. I believe I have issues with all of these, I can't take most supplements without getting kidney pain. My blood tests for bone health are also abnormal.

5) Taurine has been shown to increase Testosterone. This is something I will be able to measure with ease since my Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG) levels are abnormally high indicating some issue with Testosterone. Providing I tolerate Taurine, I'll be retaking the SHBG test.

6) Taurine seems to be good for muscles, it removes waste products that cause burning, fatigue and other issues. I have some burning sensation in my muscles and twitching, I also get a strange underarm body odour and my urine is very bubbly like I'm expelling something abnormal.

Here's a link to b-jim's original thread for anyone else interested in L-Taurine:
Poll Center / Re: Informal Poll #3 for our research team
« Last post by joelawerence on June 18, 2019, 09:17:43 AM »
Thanks Demo. Yes, makes sense if complex lab studies are required that it be in one site :)

Unfortunately that would mean that it will be limited to US folks, but hopefully we have enough of them participating for the study.
Discussion/Communication Research / Re: I made my pois worsen to continous pois
« Last post by Quantum on June 18, 2019, 08:42:12 AM »
Now this weird problem lessen by lorazepam.I eat lorazepam and continous pois gone.but not for forever.i have some sleep issue .that is my main pri

Hi sayman,

Lorazepam is an anxiolytic drug, meaning that it lowers anxiety.  So, if you get relief from lorazepam, chances are that what you call "continuous POIS" is chronic anxiety, you should check this with your physician or a health professional.   

I had general anxiety disorder ( GAD ) in the past, and of course, it was a lot worst when in POIS.   During a POIS "attack"  , my anxiety level was higher still.   

I had multiple issues beside POIS, and had to work on each of them.   So, I also worked hard on lowering my anxiety level.  I have shared many of my way of doing it in my POIS control method at  , but I can list here some of the things I did and still do:   regular exercise, daily meditation, weekly psychotherapy with a compassionate psychologist ( the heart qualities of the therapist is important !), yoga, breathing techniques, avoiding food that were bad for my anxiety ( for example, I never drink coffee), stress management, and so on....

I still think that POIS, as Waldinger put it, resolve spontaneously after a fixed period of time, usually the same duration for any individual POIS sufferer.   When some symptoms become chronic, I personally think that it is an additional, underlying issue.  Symptoms of this other condition can be worsen by POIS, and there can be an overlap of symptoms. But when some of these symptoms become chronic, I think there is another condition that needs to be diagnosed, like chronic anxiety, or depression, or chronic fatigue syndrome, or else, depending of those chronic symptoms. 

I also think that POIS is such a burden on someone's life that it is not surprising that, after a few years of POIS, and considering that major impact it has on one's life projects ( relationship, family, work, social life,...), that POIS is causing those secondary, chronic conditions.  For example, I have no doubt that having POIS for some time can lead to develop a depressive state, secondary to POIS, or a chronic anxiety problem, secondary to having POIS.    Once those conditions are installed, I feel they have to be diagnosed and treated on their own.

Take care of yourself, sayman, and don't hesitate to get professional help for your chronic condition.
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