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BoneBroth's case
« on: January 09, 2023, 05:35:51 PM »
2023-01-09: Welcome to the new place for my personally POIS experience. The old place was just a post in another thread and the text limit of the post was reached. Moving it to my own thread will make it possible to break out the "How's it working for me?" part as separate posts. There will be some updates soon here!
Here's my history, symptoms, thoughts and recommendations. I will continously work with this post. Read it as from a male person standpoint (hormonal approach etcetera) although most things are probably as relevant for women (See IronFeather's case (female, 25 years old). If you can't read everything, just jump to the conclutions at the bottom.


POIS started sometime at teenage (13-18) during school when I was exposed to heavy stress from bullying which comprimised my social life with about 80 % during 9 years in school and the symptoms continued after. During the time, and since, I've been a reluctantly victim for frequent nocturnal emissions. Then the stress source changed from bullying to echonomical difficulties because of POIS. I'm in my 40:th now and still suffers heavy when I have POIS.

Symptoms and change

These are the symptoms that comes with POIS and go away after about 10 days.

Color code:
Normal text: has been around all the time
Red: Has started during the last 10 years
Green: Has become a little better
Blue: Has become worse

Symptoms only during POIS (and goes away after)
  • Rapid and irregular heart beat (up to two hours after O/NE)
  • Headache, brainfog, unable to work with mental things (starts at O/NE and changes in charactor during the 10 days). This is the worst symptom of all
  • Muscle pain, low back pain
  • Nasal congestion (sometimes)
  • Sneezing
  • Bad smelling and foamy urine
  • Low pressure when urinating
  • Difficult to speak, voice sounds strange
  • Lack of social skills, self-confidence
  • Lack of mental strength, problem solving and creativity (in other words, its hard to think)
  • Acne on forehead, upper chins and back
  • Hair loss (male patterned - on scalp, not sides/lower back)
  • (just slighty improvement) Hot flashes, burning sensations in chest and arms
  • Sebaceous gland excess on scalp
  • Dry skin, wrinkles
  • Recovery time
  • Dull pain in the right kidney area, sometimes stinging
  • Tingeling feeling in the feets (neuropathy?)
  • Dermatitis/rosacea? (itchy / creeping skin on my forehead
  • Bloating
  • Digestive issues/SIBO (bad smelling yellow stools, varies between hard and loose)
  • 5-20 small needle sized red rash on the inside of my left lower leg that ends with a crust before they go away after 2-3 weeks
  • Drye eyes
  • Redness on the gland, like map
  • Loss off feeling in skin. Mainly outside of lower legs, neck, face, back and outside of index finger.

At around my 30:th the headache evolved to a stinging tension headache, often on one side and sometimes it felt like in the center of the head which made sleep impossible and days really bad. Sometimes I sat in a chair all night and sometimes didn't get enough sleep for weeks. Fortunatly that sort of headache is gone now - probably because of my magnesium supplements. It's interesting to notice that all my older brother and dad had male patterend baldness early in thier life and I probably got it latest in life but just me got POIS (beeing the youngest sibling is associated with more stress).

The worst symptoms are still happening after POIS (orgasm) and takes at least 10 days to heal. Here is a list of symptoms that I have more or less constantly and doesn't seem to be directly related to orgasm:

Constant symptoms (When not in POIS)
  • Coated tounge (probably candida)
  • Low blood pressure
  • Distubingly hot feeling when exercising
  • Mild brain fog
  • Acne on back (mild)
  • Eye floaters
  • Varicose veins (type 1 of 7)
  • Bumpy subcutaneous tissues (most notible on forearmes, hip, legs)
  • Bloating (persistent)
  • Alcohol sensitivity (10 years ago a could have 2 glass of wine without almost feeling anything, now get heavy feelings only after half a glass)
  • Sudden urge to urinate (year 2021)
  • Loss of feeling on spots of the skin at the back
  • Weight loss and body fat loss, difficulty to gain weight (year 2021)
  • Skin fungus (diagnosed) on my torso and back appears as darker brown round spots that grow from nothing to about 3 centometers in diametre. I made them disapear with a chineese cream, but I keep some to test if food works too.
  • Vitreous detachment. The floaters (cloudy spots and dots) in the eye has increased rapitly last year. Its not a physical detachment of the vitreous body, as the condition sounds like (but might be for some people). The reason is probably dryeness caused by intestinal issues and long time low blood pressure (loss of blood flow to the extremities, head)
  • Dermatitis /rosacea (itchy / creeping skin on my forehead that gets worse on POIS and after bloating)

Symptoms released by bloating when eating specific food (leaky gut symptom)
  • Bad smelling and foamy urine
  • Bloating (after eating Fodmaps)
  • Cold fingers
  • Blood pooling in finger tops
  • Neck pain
  • Loss of feeling in skin / stiff feeling / numbness
  • Dry eyes after eating wrong food (gas producing foods like sugar, bread, potatoe, pasta)
  • Digestive issues (bad smelling yellow stools in periods, alternately hard pebbled poop) after eating starchy/sugary foods
  • Dermatitis (itchy / creeping skin on my forehead) after eating Fodmaps and too much
  • Headache after eating foods (basically most kinds of food, includic fish, poulry and meat). This started around 2021.
  • Bad smells from your palms (inside of your hands), inside the nose (mucous membrane) and urine after gas/bloating. I think its a liver issue.
  • Red marbled palms (inside of your hands) after gas/bloating. I think its a liver issue.

Symptoms released by bad sleep
  • Dry eyes
  • Easy headache

Do you share any of theese symptoms? Please make a similar list as above on your own post in this thread, which is dedicated fo this.

My POIS theory

POIS root causes

My over 30 years of thinking about POIS is giving me new pieces of the puzzle every year (specially with the help from his forum, thank you!). I believe that the cause of POIS circles around the folloing things that has been going on for an extended time (years):
  • Frequent orgasm and/or nocturnal emissions in combination with:
  • - dopamine induced addictions (porn, erotic thoughts, sugar, social media, alcoholism
  • - long term phsycological stress (decreased stommach acid, slow bowel movements, bad gut bacteria, low nutritional uptake, autoimmune disorders caused by leaky gut)
  • - physical stress in the form of wrong diet (too much sugars/carbohydrates) and/or nutritional deficiencies.
  • - monotonous lifestyle (no serotonin stimulation)
  • - sedimentary lifestyle (too much desktop time)
  • - genetic predisposition and psychological trait (prone to stress)

When one or many of theese things coexist they are pulling the whole hormonal systems out of balance - the production of hormones (specifically cortisol and testosterone but probably also dopamine and other hormones involved with orgasm) and the receptors. Over time theese imbalances cause a wide spectrum of primary and second hand health issues - most are caused by long term inflammation and long term cortisol excess (caused by the inflammation).

Orgasm normally releses both anti-inflammatory and inflammtory hormones, but when there is not enought of anti-inflammatory hormones like cortisol (number one), testosterone and oxytocin, you will have an overload of inflammatory hormones. I?m still not sure of what hormones are directly responsible for the inflammation, but user Nanna1 has made one of the best explanations of the process here, blaming norepinephrine, glutamate and histamine.

To battle the inflammation the body produces cortisol. Cortisol might be hight in the morning but the stores in the adrenals runs out early in the day. When you produce so much cortisol over many years due to stress, the raw materials for other hormones will run out - this is called the cortisol steal. With decreased cortisol the body cannot cope with the inflammation and this results in a variety of POIS symptoms (because all organs are influenced).

And to make things worse, when the liver break down those inflammatory hormones, the breakdown products are even more toxic. When the livers detoxification pathways are comprimised (because of inflammation and toxic overload), the inflammation will be even worse, in a vicious circle.

A compromised liver cannot clean the blood so good and cannot produce enough of bile and play its role in the absorbation of fat-soulable vitamins. This also increases the risk of candida and small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO). The bile and stommach acid are antifungus/antibacterial and normally pushes the intestinal flora down to the big intestine. Thats not happening for people with bad livers and low stommach acid, so they get SIBO. Stress lowers the production of stommach acid.

Stress shuts all digestional systems of, including the the intestinal movements. All this leads to wrong bacterial flora, gas, candida, leaky gut and a decrease av absorbtion of nutrients, specifically:

  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin E
  • Iron
  • Vitamin B1 (Thiamine)
  • Vitamin B3 (Nicotinamide/Niacin)

(In the Gather and Post Here Your Medical Tests Results there are users who report deficiencies of B12 and D. And the "niacin cure" works for some users.)

The inflammation that is caused during POIS and SIBO is also tagreting the hypothalamus and pitutary, where many important hormones are produced.

Symptoms explanation

The inflammatory substances have a degenerative effects of the whole body. Each organ gives it own symptom when harmed (or in chain reactions). For example:
  • Kidney -> Low blood pressure, POTS, headache, varicose veins, slow intestines/constipation. I'm staring to belive the kidneys might be the most important organs relating to POIS symptoms since they are regulating the blood pressure - an adequate blood supply is everything for a good health
  • Brain -> Headache, depression, no motivation
  • Thyroid -> Temperature regulation, hotflash, difficulty sleeping, muscle weakness, hyperactivity.
  • Liver/gall bladder - > Acne, varicose veins, stool looses its brown color, headache, blood pooling, thick blood, liver spots, low bilirubin levels and alcohol sensitivity. On POIS the liver might be so inflamed that might be working on only 5-30% of its normal rate. The liver must be detoxifyed and unburden after orgasm/POIS. See below.
  • Pancreas -> Pale yellow, greasy, foul-smelling stool: malabsorption of fat due to pancreatic insufficiency
  • Adrenal -> Cortisol excess followed by cortisol decline -> inflammation, testosterone deficiency. Cushing's syndrome (break down of vagus nerve/collagen/intestinal flora etcetera), Addison's disease, dry eyes/skin because of cortisol excess.
  • CNS (Central Nervous System) - > tingeling, difficult to breath, sudden urge to urinate
  • Blood vessels/blood - > varicose veins, blood pooling (thick blood) because of clumping platelets and lower blood preassure
  • Intestines - > Bloating, gas, candida, leaky gut which leads to vitamin deficiency, advanced hormonal imblances, SIBO, auto-immune disorders and headache. Cracked skin, cracked lips, dryness because of dificult to absorb vitamin B12
  • Gonads  -> Testosterone deficiency
Deficiencies of any theese hormones is a sign of comprimised function in the pitutary and hypothalamus:

Adrenocorticotrophic hormone (ACTH) (targets the Adrenals)
Thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) (targets the Thyroid, temperature controlling, heart rate)
Luteinising hormone (LH) (targets the testes)
Follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) (targets the testes)
Prolactin (PRL)
Growth hormone (GH) (Stimulates growth and repair)
Melanocyte-stimulating hormone (MSH)
Antidiuretic hormone (ADH) (Controls the blood fluid and mineral levels in the body by affecting water retention by the kidneys. This hormone is also known vasopressin or argenine vasopressin (AVP)). Deficiency leads to dryeness, low blood pressure and varicose veins.
Oxytocin (anabolic hormone that heals osteoporosis)
Corticotropin-releasing hormone (helps regulate metabolism and immune response by working with the pituitary gland and adrenal gland to release certain steroids)
Gonadotropin-releasing hormone (instructs the pituitary gland to release more hormones that keep the sexual organs working)
Prolactin-controlling hormones
Thyrotropin-releasing hormone (activates the thyroid, which releases the hormones that regulate metabolism, energy levels, and developmental growth)

Furthermore, a damaged organ can give diffrent symptoms depending on the stage of the degeneration, for example: Adrenal exhustion will first produce symptoms of high cortisol, but long term adrenal exhaustion will have symptoms of low cortisol. And that might even change during the day. The most tangible symptoms are probably coming from a comprimised liver, hypothalamus, adrenals and intestines.

Measures and prospects

The chicken or the egg?

Symptoms released by POIS and specific food (sugar/starch) seems to overlap for me. Some symptoms are the same during POIS and when not in POIS but eating starchy food. I think that is a good clue of whats going wrong. Obviously there is an issue in the gut and absorption (which seems to be a red line in this forum) but I'm not sure of how it began, what came first - excess of stress or excess of O (the kind where you have no physical contact) maybe in combination and only in combination.

So there could be two ways in to POIS (depending of the individual situation):

1: It starts with stress and individuals that are more sensitive to stress (mental or physical) are the risk zone. The impact of stress aggrevates with starch/sugar (perhaps your mom spoiled you with an endless supply of coockies and lemonade as a child?). All this stress and sugar lowers the hormonal threshold for coping with O, which in turn release POIS. A sign of this lowered hormonal/liver function is seened at teenages with acne, specific when they have acne on their back (also known as "liver-acne").

2. There was too much O going (spefically the one with no physical contact) and that lead to a deficiency of specific hormones and an excess of others, which in turn lowers the stress threshold. That alone, or aggrevated by stress and sugary food released POIS.

A good outcome!

Breaking the bad chain might restore the hormonal system and eliminate most symptoms, although it might take time, up to a year or more. I believe the odds for healing partly or totally are very hight. The body has an amazing capacity to heal itself and there are so many therapies, products and methods that helps with this - you couldn't even try them all in a life time. Get inspiration by reading the testimonials at sites like There are many people reporting hughe improvements and cures on and many of the veterans here has successfully manage to lower and control their symptoms to an acceptable level, just by natural measures and natural supplements or food.

In my job I've also witnessed how people can cure themself from serious diseases and strengthen their immue systems with good nutrition and changing their diet. This will always make your body stronger, more resistant and heal some of the pois caused injuries. It should be included in the pois protocol. However, in the case of POIS this approach is not enough.

Since there are more factors involved than only nutrition/diet the critical point is to be determined and tenaciously following a protocol for an extended time, often at least a year. The best shot is of course to find a true holistic hormonal expert that can analyse and adjust your hormonal status. However it is not easy to find an expert that has the sufficient knowledge. There's a big risk that your not getting any hormonal treatment at all or getting a wrong hormonal treatment that supresses your own ability to heal. The only true expert I know is dr Thierry Hertoghes clinic in Belgium. However that treatment is very expensive. Also remember that even if you manage to "hide" one symptom or block one viscious pathway (stop inflammation with paracetamol or curcumin), if you dont reverse the underlying cause, your body will continue to degenerate "behind the scenes" and you will probably be subjected to even worse diseases in the future.

Fixing the main cause of POIS (the "cure").

  • Completely quit fapping/viewing porn and addictive sexual thoughts for good (you want to become better for good right?), and during the healing phase you should also reduce orgasm to normal sexal intercourse with parner to at most once a month (the anti-inflammatory hormon oxitocin is beeing produced in higher amounts upon skin contact) or better stop it completely for a year. Strengten your mental resistance. Each day without any erotic (or addictive) thoughs is a victory for your brain health and will probably have huge positive effects on the dopamine receptors. If you are struggling with nocturnal emission (wet dreams) that will also decrease when taking above measures.
  • Reduce stress what ever it takes. If you can eliminate stress and feel calm and happy all day your POIS might even be gone in a week - the hormonal system has an amazing ability to restore itself - Yoga, meditaion, baths, walks, fun people etcetera. Take a nap durung the day or close your eyses and do slow breathing for 1-5 minutes.
  • Improve your posture and vagus nerve. Acording to a poll about 40% of POISers are engineers and thus sitting alot in front of the computer screen. I have ALOT of screen time in my days. This posture blocks blood and oxygen supply to your brain. Maybe this is a contributing factor to some POIS symptoms, at least the headache. Go to a therapist that works with your neck and vagus nerve.
  • Restore your circadian rytm. Get sunshine on your body and in your eyes, specially in the morning. Beeing out in the sunshine increases cortisol dramatically. It improves your sleep quality which is extremely important to heal the body and restore hormonal balances. Don't go to bed later than 10:30 pm. Don't watch TV/computer/smartphone screens 1 hour before bed and lower the lighting in your home the last 2-3 hours before bed.
  • Eat for your hormones! Specific the testosterone (PALEO, meat/cholesterol-diet). See my "how to increase testosterone" thread here
For short-term relief use one of the POIS-packs described in this forum and for accute relief after orgasm, read up on my "Actions to take after orgasm (post-packs)" thread here. But this is important: While there seems to be single supplements and pharmaceuticals that easy your symptoms (testosterone patches / niacine / quercitine or drugs-with-strange-names etcetera) they don't cure POIS and should not be relied on as a long termed sollution. Thats why a potential future POIS-drug will never be a sollution (a drug is not a "sollution" for any disease). The real sollution lies in avoiding the cause and restoring the body. No pill will ever do that, period. Of cource there might be cases where your body has been so harmed that it is incapable to produce certain substances/hormones or manage detoxification and you will be dependant on a certain substance, but that is not considered as a "cure". However I dont belive that is the case for at least 90% of all POIS:ers.

Focus areas for restoring damaged organs:
  • Heal leaky gut/SIBO. Extremely important but can be very difficult because of stubborn bacteria and/or fungus. You should see a therapist to make a "SIBO test" or take an online guided cource. Intermittent fasting (not eating between 5 pm and 10 am) getting on a low/no fodmap diet, anti-candida diet (specifically if you have white coated tounge) and eating bonebroth soup and glutamine supplement might be a thing to start with immidiatly. OBS! Read this if you are planning to drink bone broth and if you have a Mast Cell Activation Syndrome or Histamine Intolerance. Oregano oil and garlic-supplement (not the fresh) are used to supress the bad bacteria. Probiotics are important, but its tricky and should be discussed and tuned with the help of a therapist since the taking wrong probiotics might be counteractive.
  • Exercise! Do moderate and regular exercise and get sweaty at least one time a week. Set the egg timer on 30 minutes and get upp from your chair and do some moves, jumps, skipping rope or whatever. Run short distances (10-20 min) to burn excess cortisol. First I tough long walks were enough, but now I belive they do mainly good for relieving stress. Only walking is not enought execise, it doesnt "burn" enought of stress hormones
  • Take the missing supplements (vitamins/minerals/herbs/fats) for your hormones and immune system.
  • A few people might need hormonal theraphy (testosterone/cortisol) and/or the POIS-packs for the rest or their life to achieve 100 % relief. Progesterone cream might be a good idea to increas hormones.
  • Boost the liver! The liver cleans the blood which is important for headache relief. Your liver produces one litre of bile every day. Bile is antiinflammatory and inhibits bad bacteria in the gut. It can stop SIBO! Bile is essential for the detoxification of the liver, as well as for the digestion and absorption of fats and fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, K). Many POISers report deficiencies in theese vitamins. NO for: sugar/alchohol, high fat diet, heavy protein. YES for Vitamin C, water, B-complex, fish, green tea, berries, leafy grens, broccoli (if it doesnt produce gas) etcetera. Se Dr Axe recommendations here and Quantums liver detoxification post here.
  • Regenerate the other organs (adrenals, hypothalamus, thyroid etc) with nutritional protocols and therapies (more is coming here...)


Become an analysis freak! Do any analysis you can afford. Self-analysis is very important. Keep documentation of your body (even take photos) and check your puls, heart rate, temperature and write down every results from analyses and diagnosis from healthcare and therapists. Keep a diary and note your health status on a daily or weekly basis. Specify all your health issues on a document, and estimate how big they are and how they changes. Figure out what works and what doesn't.

Recomended tests
Lactulase SIBO test ($200)
DNA bacteria stool test (about $400)
Hair mineral analysis ($200)
Full blood spectrum analysis ($150-$400)
Dutch complete hormonal test ($600)
Parasite test ($?)

Because of the brain fog involved in POIS it is nessecary to write down things because your memory could fail you. When I started to do this I got a feeling that I was going somewhare. That was a mental support especially when your feeling down.

Frequency analysis techniques (like QRMA and Bioresonance) has been invaluable in the evaluation of my body's condition and treatment. What makes it so interesting is that one analyses has confirmed the other and the result confirms my symptoms.

When you update your personal research on a daily basis you are much more likely to control your health then if you only just do it when you feel bad.

Create the following folders on your computer:
- Analyses (external and self analyses)
- Diary (daily observations)
- My protocol (daily plan, supplements and measures, write start and end/update date and save old protocols)
- Plan. Whats your next step? (therapists, doctors to visit)
- NO/YES list. Write down things that work for you and things that should absolutely be avoided. We tend to forget those things and relapse.

Make routines for going to bed, the morning and the day. Make lists of daily routines that improve your POIS and life (exercise, supplements what to eat and what not to eat) and adjust those lists when you have new information. The lists becomes your best friend when you have a setback.


It would be great to see a compilation of off-the-chart-values that POIS'ers have in common in the thread Gather and Post Here Your Medical Tests Results, but also values that are near the endpoints of the normal range (for example the beginning/end quartiles). Since the data is so huge, we should organise a group of members to split the job. Some could focus on vitamin status, other on hormonal values, and other on psychological results etcetera.

It's also interesting to see what members that has normal values, or the percentual diffrence between the normals and off-the-chart members. This should have a new thread called something like "Test Result Compilation" with an intro post that specifies the diffrent analyse classes and then one post for each type of value. We would need a common method to work after. To classify the diffrent analyse values might be a starting point. Anyone interested to be a part of such a "analyse compilation" group? Contact me!

At the doctors office

Since its both difficult and embarrassing to explain your POIS symptoms to your doctor here is a list of things you can download and bring/send to your doctor that explaines POIS in a more scientific way. That might get the doctors attention without dismissing you that easy.

How can you help others?
  • Write your own story in this thread as a separate post. Be detailed about your symptoms and your conclutions.
  • Answer the polls in the poll section
  • Share the results of your medical tests in this thread
  • Make methodical analysis of the information in this forum and publich in the appropriate threads

My and others polls of specific interest

Do you have floaters in the eye?
Do you have symptoms of pancreatic insufficiency (EPI)?
Do you have LIPOMAS?
Do you experience hypothalamus deficiency symptoms?
Is your cortisol high or low?
What is the rise in your HR between lying down and after standing up?
How does your stool (poop) change during POIS?
Do you have any of those symptoms assosiated with EDS (Ehlers-Danlos syndrom)?
Are you the youngest sibling?
What's your normal blood pressure (SYS/DIA)?
Do you experience dryness during a period of POIS?
Do you have kidney problems?
How many hours on average a day, do you spend staring at a computer screen?
Do you have Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO)?
Whats the duration of your POIS symptoms?

Eye openers

Things that had the most influence on my researth and important sources of information.
Visiting a chineese doctor.
Cortisol Deficiency: Frequent, Life-Impairing, and How to Give Patients Their Lives Back By Correcting It
Cause of my POIS? - Investigation & update (post orgasmic illness syndrome) (Youtube video)
Adrenal fatigue - DrLam
Dr Axe: What is colllagen?
SIBO expert Dr. Allison Siebecker
Success Story: Curing My Patient?s Lupus, Leaky Gut, Depression, Brain Fog?.Starting at the Gut
Lifestyle Diary and POIS Summaries, specifically
IronFeather's case (female, 25 years old)
Nanna1's POIS treatment: theory & supplement stack
Chart of POIS Types (ongoing project)
Gather and Post Here Your Medical Tests Results
Gather and Post Here Your Medical Tests Results - Discussion Thread

My compillations and contributions to this forum
How to increase testosterone naturally
Low cortisole
How to increase low blood pressure
Actions to take after orgasm (post-packs)

Some words of encouragement

POIS is a horrible battle, but giving up is not an option. What's the alternative? Your responsible for your own health and what you are doing for yourself is giving you the most results. Take total controll over the situation, but constantly seek help from others. Organise your efforts. Make plans fo the next step.

When you have a setback, or if you feel guily over something you did to yourself remember this: There is only a moment of now and you can only affect the present and the future, it's impossible to change the past so don't be sorry over what has happened. I dont think anyone is making an ever growing list of your past mistakes, on the contrary, your family, friends, and the "universe", or whatever you like to call it, are certainly more interested in watching you climbing up the pit, rather than burden you with old sins - whats the point of that? Always turn over a new leaf, every day if you have to.

There is just a rest-of-your life. We seem to forget bad things and remember the good things. We miss that family vacation to the wilderness but forget the rain or mosquitoes that ruined the trip. When you get POIS, look at it as an opportunity to give yourself more clues. Document your health in the morning, day and evening, before food, after food. What happens when you fast? Does it makes it better? What happens when you take a walk? When you drink alot of water? What supplements help? Take notes, analyse it after the POIS period and improve your protocol so your more prepared next time.

When your steering towards improving your life in a intentional and persistant way you will be given opportunities, new solloutions, new people and new ideas. Be open for alternative explanations and dont blindly trust the "ortodox" scientific establishment and doctors - they are permeated by research fraud and incompetence. There are far more sources of information and therapies out there than you think. Noone has "tryed them all" in a lifetime. I can assure you that your body has a greater ability of healing itself then you might think.


I belive most POISers can be cured or almost cured by (ranked by relevance, but all might be very important):

1. Stop fapping
2. Stop orgasm for a year
3. Get out of mental addictions (practice mental strengthness)
4. Fix your gut (clean --> heal --> repopulate)
5. Fix your diet
6. Remove stress
7. Exercise
8. Sleep well
(9. Hormonal replacement therapy might be needed for some people)
(10. Parasite cleanse might be needed for some people)

The most difficult of theese steps might be to fixing the gut and removing stress. Removing bad bacteria from your gut might be as tough as escaping from a stressful relation. The symptoms might also be controlled to a certain level with specific nutrients and drugs (se above). Practise mental strengthness might also be a challenge. The key is diversion, routines and determination.'

To put it even simpler - adjust the four "S": Sex, Stress and Starchy foods and Sleep.

...and a cup of bone broth twice a day would probably be one of the best things you could do for your intestines and over all health!
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Hows it going for me?
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Here is the timeline. Latest post at the top:

2023, dec
Time flies! haha. Some shorts: Everything starts with O, sugar and bad sleep. I get horrible tallow production when I get cortisol spikes, I have to change bed pillow cover every night. And it makes me loos weight and have skin issues. Floates and dry eyes are getting much worse. But when adjusting the diet, getting proper of sleep and do some walks things works better. Thats all I have for now.

2023, jan
Time flies! (the least problem when you have POIS). Should be the biggest though... The best thing with time is that you always take up knowledge on the way. The good news is that I think I have narrowed my problems down the the intestinal tract and after having a new biom analyse it is quite clear that I have wrong balance of bacteria in the small intestine. The bad news is that I had a rapidly development of vitreous detachment last year. That means floaters (cloudy spots and dots) in the eye has increased. Its not a physical detachment of the vitreous body, as the condition sounds like (but might be for some people). The reason is probably dryeness caused by intestinal issues and long time low blood pressure (loss of blood flow to the extremities, head). I?m hopeful this condition might reverse when main cause is fixed.

I'm intensifying the SIBO treatment and it will go on for a year. Again, sugar, chocholate, bread, potatoes seems to be the culpit. Everytime I fall to theese things I have a horrrble week after with skin/eye dryeness, dull headache (not so bad anymore), loss of feeling in the skin, thin skin, loss of weight, easy bruices long time to heal, bad sleep, bad memory, hard stools/constipation etcetera.

However, when I stay away from the food triggers I could almost be restored and O (sex) would not cause so much problem anymore. It seems to be a food/intestinal issue mainly and that is possible to control. NE is not as bad as before. I'm starting to eat more veggies and try to keep the sugar at 0%. I take supplements like multi vitamins B-komplex, vitamin C (2-5 grams/day), vitamin D, MSM, anti candida pills (oregano, pau darco etcetera), omega 3, zink, enzymes etcetera. I drink chamomille tea.

One thing I notice is that my food sensitive seems to vary. One week I could be super sensitive to protein, eggs, bread and coffee. But the other week I'm not. That makes me think that I dont have a chronic food allergy of some known allergen, like gluten, lactose, soy, egg etcetera. I rather have an issue with bloating/gas and when I'm in a bloated state I get sensitive to food in general, particularly proteins of any kind.

It seems like that when the intestines are leaking proteins they cause me a wide spectrum of auto immune symptoms. Its worse during POIS, which seems to be damaging the intestines (along with gas producing foods). I also think I have an issue with my pancreas (confimed with ultra sound). Its worrying since there are a correlation betweeen pancreatic insuffficiency (and leaky gut) and demens (alzheimer). So I supplement with pancreatic enzymes.

2022, januari
No signs of improvement after 11 days of Xifaxan, yet, althought I've gained 4 kilos last 3 weeks (now 65 kilo), but that can be cauesd by relaxing period during christmas and more food intake. Now I'm starting a new and more aggressive SIBO/Candida protocol. Also I have indications of that my pancreas is not working optimal and have been prescibed Creon. Please do my pancreas poll here. Had two O during last 3 weeks. The first was OK. I think that restraining from O, for some weeks, had build up a resistance against POIS, but after the last O it was as bad as normal again. This cant obviously happen too often. But the nerve issues is almost gone, I think this is because I've been taking sublingual B12/folate, which showed as a explicable hight B12/folate value on the last blood test.

2021, december
I have almost recovered from the flu. I have visited a gastroendolog doctor who want me to start a Xifaxan (also known as Rifaximin) treatment for two weeks. He is well familiar with SIBO and POIS and claims that studies shows that around 70% of SIBO patients get results with this. I will combine this with my alternative therapist nutrient- and food plan. I also got the test results from a poop-dna test (presented in the result-area) and it clearly shows gut disbyosis. my therapist has a good hope to treat this though.

2021 until december
Had no O/NE for a month and condition improved (thinking thats the only thing that works). I finally had O, second day was ok, but on the third everything was breaking bad again. Still trying to adjust food to more intestine friendly and going in for more vegetable soup (mixed with free range chicken) and beginning the day with some millet-oat with coconut oil/collagen/chia/psyllium has lowered excema significant. Some more months on this diet might improve intestine condition, increasing absorption rate. A new blood texst indicated slightly low B12/folic acid but all other values (liver, kidneys etcetera) were good. An osteoporosis test showed good status. Will start to intensive running more to burn cortisol/adrenaline. Expecting the results for an extensive poop-analyse before the end of the year. That will be very interesting. Finally I had tripple bad luck, first 2 NE's in a row, then an extreme food poisening. I could recover 1 week then I got the flu (yes THAT flu). It was like an ordinary and mild flu though (worse for my GF) and now I'm on day 6. Anyway, those three events made me loose fives kilo more. Now I'm only 61 kg..

2021 first half year update: Some of the above measues and theories are quite new discoveries for me and I'm still struggeling to incorporate the things above into my life. I'm on a one year SIBO-protocol since a year ago and its beginning to give some results now, but I cant say if its the SIBO diet or other things on the list above that gives effect - I'm doing all the things at the same time, its more like a lifestyle change. There is still bloating/constipation but after taking a magnesiumoxide supplement at least I managed to constipation (now I have diarrhea if I only take two pills instead of one). During this time I have experienced two periods (about 1-2 months) with almost zero POIS symptoms and I could almost have 2-3 O with no symptomns. I havnt feel this good for a very long time but I cant put the finger on what I'm doing that is making this change. Maybe the improvements come succesive and when I feel good I start to do and eat things that is making it worse again. But at least this has made me believe that its possible to feel almost 100% better. I just have to stay to the "improvement plan".

A new discovery is that my present gut situation and sleep pattern has way more impact on the POIS symptoms then i thought, even if I have no NE/O at all. I think my small intestine is in a poor condition (due to years of inflammation) and everytime I eat starchy food, sugar and some fodmaps I get a POIS-like outbreak (even with no NE/O) with redness on mucous membranes, bad smelling gas, headach, neck pain, skin rash, varicose veins etcetera.

I have also found that if I take 5-20 drops of orenano oil (mixed with another oil) and garlic capsules, after eating something that normally triggers the POIS-symptoms, I will have much less symptoms in the coming days since it kills the bad bacteria that would have otherwise gone wild on the starch/sugar/fodmaps. Bad bacteria might be one of the weakest points right now and this will have a negative impact on nutritional intake and hormonal balance. I'm experimenting with diffrent brand probiotic, but the "killing off" effect seems to give much better result than just repopulating. A combination might be the best.

The post-packs have some effects and staying away from orgasm, going to bed early and not watching action movies or the computer at least one hour before sleep, going for walks in the sun early after breakfast (to raise the cortisol) makes life better. Nocturnal emissions are a constant pitfall so the post pack measures are invaluable. But now and then I seem to come out of the NE pretty well too, but only if I'm good at doing the other things for a lengt of time (at least 2 weeks). I havnt got control over the "heights" yet but it seems that its very possible since I have days when the pois is almost gone completely even after O. I think avoiding nocturnal emission, cut down the O to once a month, daily exercise and improving sleep is is making the biggest diffrence. Its pretty hard not to forget doing one or two things on the list at a daily basis though.
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Great POIS summary, Bonebroth.  Thanks for having taken the time to write and publish it.

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