This is a kind of constipation independant of fiber or magnesium

No problems with defecation
No problems with defecation at all OR only loser stools sometimes
I have this kind of constipation and fatigue independant of POIS
I have this when having POIS
Actually defecation is easier when on POIS or after O

Author Topic: Extremely fatigued before bowel movement (slow transit constipation)  (Read 4313 times)


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Re: Extremely fatigued before bowel movement (slow transit constipation)
« Reply #20 on: April 10, 2021, 03:21:38 PM »
Now I think those things are all so interconnected it's crazy. :o

My fatigue is improved by a certain licorice candy which makes the slow transit go faster. I can really feel the relief when the gut works faster, it also pushes my general energy production up. Hard to describe.


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Re: Extremely fatigued before bowel movement (slow transit constipation)
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"If the intestines don't work well the first thing is to improve the food so you can absorb nutrients better. If there's a bloating belly simple you have a bad nutrient absorption so any bloating belly is a sign of malabsorption because there's inflammation of the intestinal tract so if you have inflammation the cells are like sick and they don't absorb well and they can also have a leaky gut so you can get substances that are unwanted inside and so that's why you need to decrease the inflammation and the best thing is the way you eat when you have a bloating belly you should skip a meal [Dont eat after 17 pm] that's the first thing to do you should do, also eat maybe boiled foods and eat less foods in in general and better food choice so if you take milk products and grains and bread you will always inflame and sugar and sweets and chocolate"

Hormonal expert Thierry Hertoghe - Webinar - Nutritional therapies 2021-03-03 at about 1:50:00.