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Update on my husband's experience with the previously mentioned pre-pack:

Pre-pack includes: Quercetin 500 mg, turmeric curcumin 500 mg (black pepper 3 mg), green tea extract 315 mg, magnesium 167 mg (with Calcium 333 mg, vitamin D3 200 IU), flaxseed oil 1000 mg x2, lycopene 10 mg and sleep supplement 'Olly' x2 of melatonin 1.5 mg/L-theanine 50 mg/Chamomile/Passionflower/Lemon balm.

Other background: he also takes duloxetine 30 mg

We've now tried using the pre-pack for 3 of my cycles and each time it has made a significant difference for him. He even used it after a nocturnal emission and found it helpful after the fact. The most recent week of use he ejaculated 3x in about a week period. From the last ejaculation to feeling back to normal was about 72 hours (previously around 7 days from last ejaculation). For example the latest time, symptoms were anywhere from 40-80% reduced during the majority of his period of being unwell and gradually improved to 95% reduced on the last evening. He did not have tramacet available the last two times but still did relatively well.

What he found additionally helpful was taking taurine 500 mg before taking a nap for ~2h - prior to the nap he would be experiencing only 40% reduction in symptoms and then after the nap maybe 80% reduction, so he was taking taurine and naps regularly throughout this time (he works from home and has a flexible schedule so this was doable). He also took the sleep supplements (Olly) every night as well. His sleep was much more restorative than previously! Additionally he went for regular massage therapy and physiotherapy (thanks work benefits!) which helped with his POIS pain symptoms. He also took regular Tylenol (though not sure how much this actually helped).

Overall - this is a gamechanger!

Thanks for this great update, Psy !   It is very detailed and gives useful information for other members.
It is a great example of how to customize one's pre-pack and overall method.   When something is helping, like taurine + a 2hrs nap, you included it in your overall method.  Another example is not having included 5-HTP, which is a serotonin precursor, because your husband takes duloxetine, which already boosts serotonin.  What you have shared will help others figure out what it means to customize our pre-pack to our own situation.

Since the pre-pack method and overall approach has been efficient for your husband for more than 3 months now, I have included a reference to him in my POIS Types Chart, in the pre-pack method section, along with a reference to your 3-months update (see at

Good luck to you and your husband with your project of having a child!
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Awesome, thanks Quantum!