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Warrior's Diary
« on: August 19, 2021, 02:40:41 AM »
Summary of my POIS, working solution, & ongoing experiments

My POIS symptoms:
Generalised anxiety (created & intensifies social anxiety), physical fatigue, and brainfog for at least 3-5 days depending on severity. These became exponentially worst the more I ejaculated in a short period of time. I would need to wait ~20 days of abstinence, to ejaculate and not experience POIS.

Supplement stack & habits which is 95%+ effective at reducing my POIS:
* Raw diced garlic & 1000mg (take 30 minutes before and immediately after)
* Fenugreek dry extract pill [Nature's Own] (take 30 minutes before and immediately after)
* Strict gluten free diet (very important)
* High intensity exercise & sun helps if POIS residue is present
* I eat real food: beef, chicken, vegetables, fruit, quinoa, potatoes, etc. I try my best to limit consumption of refined sugar, soy, or vegetable oils. I also intermittently take Vitamin D3+K2 & OysterMax (which contains Vitamin B12, Iodine, Zinc, Selenium, and Copper) and fish oil (1g+ EPA).
* Niacin [flush type] (still testing, but seems to have a positive effect)

Matcha green tea helps in the 2 hour post orgasm period where you can feel POIS building up (which then dissipates very soon afterward with the solution). The caffeine and L-theanine seem to counter the lack of energy and foggy mind, throwing you in a more present state for that temporary (sometimes unpleasant) period. If I want to skip this period, I only do it at night.

Probably better to stick to a maximum of 1 orgasm every 48 hours. Less strain on the body (the body still has to work to remove the POIS using the fenugreek & garlic) and feels better anyway. Method has been tested though doing 3 orgasms per day for consecutive days, and it still holds up very well. Though, I do notice I am more socially apathic / less interested in life as a whole in these circumstances for a day or two, probably because I've jacked up my dopamine receptors in a very short period of time.

** After dicing raw garlic, wait 5-10 minutes for allicin to form for optimal results. Optional: Coat it in a generous amount of honey to swallow with milk/mylk.
** If the clove is very large, cut a half or 1/3 of it to ingest, toss the rest. A big full clove is unnecessary and will give you a greater chance of smelling.
** Try edible peppermint oil, diluted into water, gargle/rinse/swallow to freshen breath. Deodorant up, if you are using a natural deodorant like I do, then it probably isn't strong enough to give you a strong pleasant odour which helps reduce the stench of garlic emanating from your presence. In this case, I spray my clothing with strong deodorant/cologne that I like, but not directly onto my body. Be careful of consuming too much garlic, as it will leak out of your pours and smell.
** Most effective brand of garlic pills in my experience thus far have been Australian NaturalCare (store in the fridge, non-peppermint oil). Sometimes you will burp up garlic with these bad boys, best taken with a meal or take a mint afterwards if going to a social situation.
** A good rule of thumb I follow is that if I am going to a major social event, I will have some fenugreek and garlic in case I spontaneously arrive in a mild POIS state, which seems to occur if gluten is consumed.

Ongoing experiments & testing:
* Confirmed that garlic & fenugreek alone do have at the very least a significant 90% effect at reducing most of my POIS. Tested garlic & fenugreek independently too, and both of them (even when consumed individually alone) directly assist in reducing my POIS. Sometimes however I feel like the added matcha green tea & nicotinamide helps to reduce it by an extra 10-15% (and possibly reduces fatigue, giving you more energy). I am uncertain as to whether or not this is a placebo. More testing required.
* Need to test actual niacin with flush, rather than nicotinamide. Promising results.
* When I began consuming gluten again, it seemed to significantly reduce the effectiveness of this solution, where it would only last for about 30 minutes to an hour, then a mild-medium POIS state seemed to return. Hence, I am back on a gluten free diet. I am going to be testing these variables independently again soon. No issues with dairy.
* See POIS doctor IRL.

Raw garlic vs garlic pills:
Garlic pills are also a highly effective substitute for the pungency of raw garlic. I have tested this using "Thompson's garlic perles" & "Australian NaturalCare garlic pills", with fenugreek, and experienced significant success at reducing POIS by 70%, however raw garlic seems to be much more reliable and potent. Raw garlic seems to give me insane levels of clarity and energy (a reality where I am thriving) compared to garlic pills, albeit the garlic pills are still effective to some extent (they definitely reduce the dread of POIS, anxiousness, and severe fatigue. However I still experience a low level brain fog, un-noticeable if engaged in work, and lower levels of energy compared to raw garlic - my body feels 'full' and alive after eating raw garlic, and my sensory clarity is insane!).

Breaking and swallowing the garlic pearl oil (which includes peppermint oil in addition to garlic oil) in my mouth (without ingesting the enteric coating) for some strange reason, on top of reducing POIS, brings about an "on edge" feeling I could only describe as the feeling some people experience from high doses of caffeine. Increases my mental "inner voice"/mind noise, which is unpleasant. Occurred using "Thompson's garlic pills", will probably test this again in the future.

Raw crushed garlic = Extremely effective at reducing POIS & gives me excess energy.
Garlic pills = Effective at reducing POIS by 80-85%, where energy levels are still comparatively low to raw garlic. Best brand is Australian Naturecare.

Overwhelming Success with Fenugreek & Garlic:

Testing Garlic Pills Effectiveness Compared to Raw Garlic:

My POIS story:
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Garlic, fenugreek, niacin, & matcha green tea


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Re: Warrior's Diary
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Thanks for posting. Lots of interesting stuff in your reddit post especially, thanks for that.