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Gluten free diet
« on: September 01, 2022, 06:13:44 PM »
The anniversary of my POIS discovery is coming up and I finally feel like I'm at a turning point in my life.

I'm an 18 year old athlete that has recently graduated from high school, and am going on to play for a well known Division 1 University. I'm not entirely sure when my POIS started, however I believe it started back in 2018 after I tore my ACL. I'm not entirely sure if that has anything to do with POIS, I just know that I was extremely bad at my sport after my ACL recovery, to the point that my coaches and teammates gave up on me. At the time I wasn't sure if it was my injury that was making me bad or my lack of practice, so I just brushed it off and stopped taking it as serious.

Fall 2018- Winter 2019
This is crazy, but I just realized there was a week, back in 2018 that I was extremely tired, almost like I had the flu. I remember that year I just sat in my classes and slept every class. My sleep schedule was 11-6 so I shouldn't have been this tired. On the way to school I would just slept all the way to school and back. In between classes my bag always seemed heavy which put a huge strain on my body. Every day felt like a dream to the point where I feel like I remember the years before my POIS more vividly than the past few years.

Spring 2020
At the time I thought this was normal however when it came to covid hitting, I started to wake up and notice my symptoms. It was my sophomore year of high school when covid hit, which and I wanted to play my sport college. I played for a highly competitive, nationally known team, and many of my teammates and people I played with were getting interest for schools. This made me want to start practicing in hopes of getting an offer. Since there was no school and there was a field around the corner, I would practice everyday, but due to the boredom and not being able to go anywhere, I would also nut many times in one day. That's when I really started to feel that after I nutted, I would get a rush of tiredness and I would fall asleep for about a minute, then wake back up. When I would practice, I would feel my thighs being extremely tight and heavy, but I just thought this was because of my training.

Summer 2020
During the summer of 2020 my club team started back up, and I had to try out again I thought I would be the best one out there since I had been training hard literally everyday during the lockdown. I made the team but within the first few days I knew something was up. I felt super tired after a few runs, and I was hella uncoordinated. I started getting not getting rostered and immediately realized that I was one of the worst people on the team. This was crazy to me because 2 years before that I was one of the leading goalscorer in the whole region and I was getting invited to National Team Training camps. My teammates who were my friends immediately treated my like a liability during training and would tell me I was trash. No cap I don't know how I made it through this time in my life lmao.

Winter 2020- Spring 2021
Later that year during 2021 I started talking to this girl that lived not too far from me. I used to see her everyday, and I would see her a lot, however shit got worse at this time. My POIS flared more than ever. Also during this time we had online school. I would be so exhausted, to the point that I would log into class, fall asleep immediately then open my eyes and I would be the last one in the zoom with my teacher. Shit felt like a dream. I used to hate doing anything or going anywhere. Also when me and this girl were together I would always struggle to get hard. Further in our relationship I became more emotional with her and I was becoming simpy, not saying this has anything to do with POIS, I just remember in middle school, before POIS, I just wouldn't gaf. I started struggling to speak to her and conveying my thoughts, but it also ended up with an embarrassing stutter or forgetting words and leaving her confused. In the soccer aspect of my life I was also struggling heavily, becoming more numb to the misfortunes I was experiencing. This girl was the highlight of my life, and I was starting to do anything for her while I could see she was slowly slipping away from me. Eventually we broke up and after a while she ghosted me. This prompted me to take my sport more serious.

I forgot to mention, but I knew something was weird when I would play my game, and some days my range of motion was better than other days.

Summer 2021
Towards the end of my season, D1 coaches were able to come back out to our games. There was a showcase in a few days that had every major school on the coast there. Something told me not to nut for a few days so I didn't, surprisingly enough I felt way better and I was balling out at the showcase. I also forgot to mention that there was this game about a month before that was arguably my worst game I've ever played. I nutted the Thursday before the game and the game was Sunday. My legs were soooo fucking heavy and I was convinced nutting had nothing to do with what I was experiencing. I would also ask my friends and teammates If they experienced the same things and they thought I was crazy.

Fall 2021
After that season I was kicked off the team, which I'm not mad at since from outside looking in, I was complete shit. Over the summer I experimented, going weeks without nutting, and I realized that that definitely has something to do with it. During the high school season, I was going weeks and even months without nutting and I realized I was going through a lot of pain and depression while beating the urge to nut. I also missed out on a lot of opportunities with girls since I couldn't afford to go through POIS recovery again. Many times I would get fucked over by a wet dream on game days. One day my dad lashed out at me during a showcase, cause I got with this girl a few days before and I played horrendously. I told my parents about my what was happening to me. I broke down crying, on the phone with my mom, telling her every single detail, which was embarrassing at the time, but I would kill to get help in the the hopes of ending POIS.

Winter 2021- Spring 2022
I could tell what I was going through wasn't normal and started looking for answers. I went to my doctor and fortunately she had heard of POIS, and at first she put me on claritan, which didn't really help. Then she put me on Lexapro which I took for a good 6 months. It helped slightly, as it let me be more active and un bed ridden, I also talked a lot more and was less shy. I continued to look for answers since people were committing left and right and I was barely getting d3 looks and offers. Eventually for my sport I switched positions, which helped me greatly since I just had to put in effort instead of being skilled and coordinated on the ball. I excelled at this and got a D1 offer, and committed to the school. I kept looking for answers cause I wasn't about to lose my scholarship and embarrass myself on the field.That's when I saw a post on POIS center with a user claiming that they cured their POIS by going gluten free. It took about a week, and I started feeling better, then by the fourth week, [ON GOD, my POIS was gone/b]. This was around prom and graduation time and I was having the time of my life. I was getting with so many girls. Shit was insane. Also my sport was going great, I was training everyday. I also went to play pickup with people that thought I was ass. I was shiting on them and balling out. Immediately after this, my mission was to go pro, as it was back in 2018. I was great, and I was happier than I have ever been. This all cut short when I accidentally ate gluten, and my POIS symptoms came back

After 2 weeks I almost fully recovered, from my symptoms, however I stupidly took a job as a pizza delivery boy and my symptoms slowly came back. The symptoms came from the flour in the shop as there was a lot of down time just sitting in there. It took me about a month to figure this out. Since then I have been getting glutened(accidentally ingesting gluten) over and over. Each time I get gluten my symptoms return. I also went to an allergist to confirm my gluten allergy. The test showed I had one along with an egg and peanut allergy(these things also bring me POIS symptoms, but not ass bad as gluten). Every week I feel my self getting more and more paranoid and sensitive to my environment, which now leads me to believe I have MCAS. I'm seeing my allergist and doctor next week. I know this could be a long shot but maybe I have Lyme disease. My dog has had a tick found on her multiple times so it wouldn't hurt to see. Also the other day I was in another city and ate at a gluten free dedicated spot and I threw up and have POIS symptoms . So now I only eat a few safe foods, and am now recovering.

My symptoms right now are tension headache, uncoordinated, rash, depression, sinus inflammation, repertory inflammation, brain fog, fatigue


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Re: Gluten free diet
« Reply #1 on: September 01, 2022, 09:10:26 PM »
Woah this is interesting. A gluten-free diet also improves my POIS significantly. I feel you about your athletic endeavours. I am also pretty athletic and sporty. POIS throws my fitness endurance completely out the window, even with my POIS solution my energy levels are no where near the level they normally would be.

Right now I am doing an elimination diet and am eliminating ALL lectins/grains from my diet for a week, something you may want to consider doing if gluten triggers symptoms. It's pretty common for people with gluten sensitivities to also experience sensitivities with other gluten-like / lectin grains like corn, rice, "gluten-free oats" (assume oats contain gluten as they are more than likely produced in facilities that also produce gluten, unless it says gluten-free), etc. So for now I am only eating grass fed grass finished meat, organs, raw dairy, pasture-raised eggs and lots of fruit for a week to see how it goes.

Interesting that eggs are triggering your POIS. I wonder if it's possibly because the eggs you are consuming are fed corn and soy, which would more than likely contain traces of gluten. Even then, corn is known to cause similar issues with people who are sensitive to gluten grains. Check out this link for info in regards to the types of eggs and their lectin/grain content: Right now I am only having pasture raised eggs for this week, but normally I have free range which would certainly contain lectins/grains. Your food sensitivity to eggs makes me realize I have completely overlooked eggs being a potential contributing cause, luckily this week I opted for the pasture raised as part of my experiment.

And by the way, welcome to the forum! Thanks for sharing your story.
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Re: Gluten free diet
« Reply #2 on: September 02, 2022, 03:24:59 PM »
Hi guys, Worior.. there are peoples here, who claimed that they
cured theirs pois by avoidence lectins, gluten etc.
One tip for you, when you cook all yours
wegetables and foods, you can cook it
in pressure pot, about 20min,
"99%" of lectins are gone, so you can try,
it is easier.


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Re: Gluten free diet
« Reply #3 on: September 04, 2022, 10:30:42 AM »
i always get some sort of prostate issue, enlarged prostate, when eating forbidden foods, such as fodmaps

when this happens i get semen leakage after urinating


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Re: Gluten free diet
« Reply #4 on: September 04, 2022, 03:40:36 PM »
Interesting Mike...i have just discovered that about myself that common among POISers?


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Re: Gluten free diet
« Reply #5 on: September 14, 2022, 10:41:35 AM »
I've gotten desperate recently and I started doing research on candida, as POIS symptoms started to get worse after taking antibiotics in one week intervals twice earlier this summer. I've been virtually disabled all summer since the symptoms have become unbearable. After researching about candida, I went on a low carb, low sugar, meat, vegetable, coconut oil and oregano oil diet. Alot of my symptom started to line up with candida symptoms, such as extreme gassiness, itchy rash on armpit, stringy mucus poop, blackout when standing up, sinus and throat problems, and usual POIS symptoms. I would feel POIS symptom start agin when I ate high carb foods such as potatoes, wice and noodles, along with dried fruit which is high is sugar. Also about 2 weeks ago, I had food from a gluten free restaurant, with salmon, avocado and sweet potatoes which mad me throw up (I thought this was strange since the restaurant had great reviews) I started this a week ago and I feel way better, however I have been glutened by a toothpick that apparently had gluten in the ingredients (plackers floss) which I think is ridiculous. In the span of the week I experienced candida die off symptoms. Also on the day before I got my energy back, I was going through hell as I felt completely sick, my muscles were shot, I could barely walk, I was so weak, which a usual symptom that you are treating candida. I'm not sure if everyone gets this but I started to improve greatly as I used to be mostly bed ridden.

The day after, I felt my strength coming back and I even went out to practice, however this was the day I used the tooth pick, or floss, whatever you want to call it. I immediately felt the need to sleep after using them (used 3). Later that night my throat started to swell, become sore, and my mucus filled my nose and throat, which let me know I was glutened.

The day after that (yesterday) I felt extremely groggy and drained and wanted to sleep in. I had no energy to do anything and felt depressed. My mom also brought to a doctor since I had lost 10lbs in 2 months because of my diet. I told my doctor about my suspected candida and she completely threw my hypothesis out the window with out checking for symptoms which really threw me off and got me heated. My doctor then suggested I had a mood disorder, and referred me to a go doctor. She also questioned my gluten allergy as my blood tests don't show that I have celiac and that my vitals are normal. This is crazy to me since I went to an allergist that confirmed a wheat allergy. She claimed that my symptoms didn't line up with a gluten allergy. She said that people with a gluten allergy have diarrhea. My brain fog was super bad that day and I just didn't feel like arguing as I knew I had diarrhea and excessive pooping in the past. It's crazy cause later that night I had really bad diarrhea which I know is cause of the glutening.

The next day (today) I felt better. I have more energy than yesterday. I have a strong urge to go practice today so I probably will. I feel like I'm in a weird place today as I feel like the candida overgrowth or whatever I have is going away while I feel the affects of me being glutened. Last time I was glutened, it took about 2 weeks for POIS symptoms to go away.

My thoughts are that POIS as many people also think, is not just one thing, as some people find relief with antihistamines and other supplements, while I have found improvement with diet. I think ejaculation makes whatever medical condition I have worse. I also think it is important to do your own research online with very extreme caution. My doctor is aware of my POIS however, everything she has suggested of prescribed me has not affected my POIS. This has lead me to get to the point that any lead is possible, even the candida. Doing this anti fungal diet is obviously helping me so I'm doing something right. POIS is some shit that a lot of people cannot comprehend so unless I get a test saying I don't have something, I'm not ruling it out. If I did not do my own research, I would not of found relief, or a potential cure.

This also prompted me to go back to try and figure out the exact time I started having POIS. To be honest I think I've had it since middle school, or even before I could ejaculate which I know sounds crazy. It was definitely more mild at this time as I was way more active however I did ask my friends if they were still able to function the rest of the day after masturbation which they said they could, as they even said it would give them a boost before games. This could not be random as something had to cross my mind to say this. In my early days of middle school, before I could nut, I would have uti symptoms such as stinging while peeing, and others, which I don't want to get into, but I would totally blow it off as I thought it was normal. I've also been seeing that you can also get a fungal uti, but I haven't looked into it as much. Also during 9th and 10th grade, when my POIS really started to to take off I tore my ACL twice. I was also extremely addicted to sour patch as I would eat a 2- 3 bags a day, which caused me to have cavities. I know candida feeds off sugar, so I'm not surprised if my POIS symptoms got worse after this.


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Re: Gluten free diet
« Reply #6 on: September 14, 2022, 12:48:33 PM »
Hi GillGuy,
I agree with you that there are different types of POIS.  We may have many types of different metabolic problems, that have in common that they are made worse by ejaculation. It looks like our "shaky" metabolism is not solid enough to take the backlash from a highly demanding event like orgasm and/or ejaculation.  Some of us are also affected only by demanding activities like sports, too. 

If you have gluten intolerance, for example, it may be exacerbated by the fatigue linked to ejaculation.   However, I would say that when you did not ejaculate for a long time, and when you were in the early days of middle school, that was your underlying condition at play.  But this underlying condition is a solid foundation to manifest POIS after ejaculation, I think.
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