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help me with my problem
« on: June 12, 2022, 02:28:50 PM »
hello everyone, I am an Italian boy of 18, I state that I have never had sex and I have only practiced masturbation in these years of my life, for many years I have noticed that after ejaculation I feel strange and tired for many days, my face becomes oily and tired as if i had struggled for 3 days without stopping and the dark circles are accentuated, after 2-3 weeks I start to feel a little better both in mood and aesthetically, every year that passes it seems that the situation after ejaculation gets worse I am sure it is something about my body because I have experienced 8 months abstinence and in the last months before starting to masturbate I was always energetic, this situation is literally destroying me, I am afraid to ejaculate again because I do not want to start again. having those symptoms, I have read various guides from people who have tried some treatments but as I understand the effectiveness varies from person to person (e.g. antihistamines, fenugreek) so i don't really know where i can start, and above all I do not know if what I have is really this POIS or is it another disorder, can you help me?
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Re: help me with my problem
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You can check out the POIS Types Chart to look at the most common solutions that work:
It will show you the symptoms experienced by people who benefitted from a certain supplement. Try and match those symptoms with those that you experience. This may give you an indication of whether the supplement will work.