Author Topic: Curing POIS, Nocturnal Emissions, and PE through PC Muscle Exercises & NoFap  (Read 925 times)


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Hello all!

Brand new to the forum, but most certainly not new to the debilitating effects of POIS. I thought I'd leave a post on here describing a short summary of my experience with POIS and what I do to curb it, along with how I COMPLETELY got rid of Nocturnal emissions and Premature Ejaculation.

Background about me:
29 years old, Marketing Executive at a top Agency, have had POIS for as long as I can remember (13yrs old and onwards). My POIS symptoms begin 1 to 2 days after orgasm and last for at least a week, sometimes more. During my teenage years I went through a pretty wild party phase with drugs and alcohol and I can no longer drink caffeine, take any stimulants of any sorts (ginseng, maca, matcha, etc. etc.) and more or less any kind of uppers/medications that affect the mind. If I do, it usually just burns me out/creates some intense anxiety or depression, and wipes me out mentally. I believe this is probably due to my serotonin and general brain chemicals being sent for a loop during the wild years, and various naturopathic doctors/MD's have all more or less agreed on this hypothesis.

In a way this has been a blessing in disguise as I've had to find natural ways to boost cognitive function, and no reliance on caffeine/drugs of any sort is something I've just grown accustomed to. Just the same as a person who's allergic to strawberries just learns to live their life without strawberries.

Now for the details on what I've done to help with POIS, Nocturnal Emissions, and Premature Ejaculation:

Honestly I think one of the biggest changes I saw with POIS came from changing my perspective on sex. I never knew there were these vitamins/supplements that you could take before orgasm to reduce POIS, so for years I thought to myself "WHAT IF I just became so good at controlling my ejaculation that I didn't have to do it and therefore worry about it?"

A sad notion for some, but when you've got crippling POIS symptoms that undermine the enjoyment of your life, you begin to think twice about whether the 7 seconds of the "big O" dopamine surge are truly worth it. Personally? I'll take the enjoyment of a stable and beautiful relationship with others over a quick orgasm ANY day. I'm now in a relationship with a gorgeous woman inside and out, and not only does she brag to her close friends about how long we can go during sex, but she actually finds it incredibly attractive that I'm able to please her for awhile and I don't need to orgasm conventionally. When we have sex, it's no longer about how much pleasure I can get from her, but how much pleasure I can GIVE her, and you know what? That actually equates to SO much more pleasure for me as well at the end of the day, knowing I'm also curbing those nasty POIS symptoms.

What did I do to learn how to have sex without the worry of ejaculation? Exercises both mentally and physically!

1.) Firstly, NOFAP. My dudes, lay off the damn PORN. I subscribe to a pretty strong NoFap ideal, and believe that watching porn negatively affects confidence in men, programs our brains to become aroused far too quickly, creates unrealistic views on sex, and at it's worst can create an ADDICTIVE reliance on porn. Honestly I feel like the NoFap movement alone changed my life for the better so you really have nothing to lose (except those messy depressy emotions) For further information on the NoFap movement please check out the nofap forums, youtube videos, etc. etc.

2.) REVERSE KEGELS. Everyone has heard about how "kegel exercises" can help men control orgasm, but did you know that almost all current info about mens kegel exercises pretty much gotten it wrong. There are normal kegel exercises, and then there are Reverse kegel exercises. Normal kegel exercises that are touted everywhere online are actually VERY damaging to helping PE and create more tension that makes things worse during sex. Reverse kegel exercises do the opposite and teach your muscles to relax during sex. I used to do hours of "normal" kegel exercises and this constant unbalanced kegel exercise routine messed up my pelvic floor and really made PE worse. It was ONLY when I focused on Reverse Kegels  that I honestly became a sex god able to go for as long as I want, whenever I want, effectively CURING premature ejaculation. Using a condom during sex in conjunction with doing reverse kegel exercises is a great combo that I'd suggest for anyone. I do reverse kegels every day and recommend people view these exercises as a "long haul" that works best when done consistently over a long period of time.

For more info on how to do reverse kegels + benefits check out the following links:

3.) Nocturnal Emissions: Nothing is worse than having a nocturnal emission that sends you spiralling down into a POIS trainwreck. I'd be so frustrated when this would happen! What worked for me was a combination of a few things. Firstly, no porn! Inundating yourself with porn images does your subconscious a huge disservice especially when you go into dream states. Secondly, before bed do a quick reverse kegel routine. Doesn't have to be intense, just a few rounds of reverse kegels. After you're done your reverse kegels, consciously tell yourself "im going to sleep soundly tonight" - trust this and allow this to be your anchor before you go to sleep. I follow all of these steps religiously every night and I've completely ridded myself of nocturnal emissions for YEARS now. I believe that this routine creates a mental and physical space for relaxation of the body and mind when sleeping. You're also strengthening your relaxing PC muscles and becoming better at sex in the process so its a win win!

4.) Deep breathing Exercises. During sex, I've found that deep breaths that activate the lower stomach are great for relaxing the body during sex. When you learn to control your breathing you learn to control your tension and relaxation levels in your body. I promise you that with a combination of practicing reverse kegels, no porn, and a conscious awareness of your breath, you're going to be well on your way to increasing your lasting time during sex and taking control of POIS.

I've begun to research on this forum all of the supplements that can help alleviate POIS so im very excited to check them out, but I just wanted to share some of my own tips and tricks that have helped me have a fulfilling life while also having POIS.

FEEL FREE TO MSSG/ASK ANY QUESTIONS! Im an absolute open book!


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We do not need to take control, we need to CURE POIS!


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I don't believe there's a one size fits all cure for POIS, and won't be for some time. If all the supplements, vitamins, and drugs in the world aren't helping your POIS symptoms and it's preventing you from having meaningful relationships platonically and sexually, I would argue that learning how to enjoy sex without conventional orgasm is well worth it.


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My boyfriend has a similar stroy regarding a wild teenage with drug abuse.
An he has pois. He has tryed those things of not eyaculation and  breathing sometimes it works but nocturnal emissions have not stoped. The last time tha we had sex apparently he did not eyaculated but he told me that the next day he felt tired.
I do no know how many time we can be toguether but I really really hope that he can find the cure for himself.
He is trying testosterone therapy supervised by a dr. He is in the normal range but a little bit low (3.9 ng/ml) total T


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Hey Didi,

I feel for your boyfriend as POIS can be so debilitating. A lot of the people I?ve talked to that have nocturnal emissions seem to have benefitted greatly from completely removing porn from their life.

Has your boyfriend considered evaluating his sleeping position? Wearing underwear at night that?s loose instead of tight could maybe help? Otherwise I think there?s doctors out there who could also address this if the problem continues to persist