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« on: August 06, 2022, 10:57:32 AM »
I think I may be enduring Spermatorrhoe:

Symptoms: Persistent and very strong and irritating cough which lasted an week but has gone
Penis size and testicle reduced and inability to get aroused and have lost any sexual feelings
Severe brain fog
 Have no emotions or feelings
Brain lethargic
 Body gets easily exhausted
 Stool and urine have weird colours
 No appetite
 Insomnia Takes an lot longer than usual to fall sleep
 Can’t concentrate or think deeply
I also have been leaking semen during urinating and at random points during the day and I constantly have sexual dreams resulting in semen loss and penis twitching resulting in contractions
twitching around the body which lessens in intensity after urinating, contraction or when exhausted

I have read the treatments but I am unsure on the suitable ways to solve these symptoms. It’s clear the nervous system is not functioning.

Please offer any comments, it will be appreciated