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Other possible cures (homepathy,ayurveda,diet)
« on: July 12, 2021, 10:54:39 PM »
Hi. I Have been suffering with POIS for the past 7 years. My symptoms included brain fog,anxiety,nerve pain,hot flashes, difficulty in holding things,muscle stiffness in neck,depression, negative thoughts, drowsiness, loss of memory,P.E.,loss of focus, feeling feverish. These symptoms would last for about 5-7 days. I would tend to isolate myself on these days .

But 3 years back, I took homeopathy medicines for it. It was not medicines targeted at the issue, but a overall medicine given after studying my character (I had other permanent problems like depression, brain fog,overthinking, phobias etc.). Homepathy works in a kind of self healing process. So after this , I didn't have the symptoms for a month, but it started reappearing after that. So after a year I took strong doses of it as recommended by my doctor. I used to have brain fog all the time, homeopathy helped me get rid of it. In the pois, it started showing strange symptoms,..after O I started to feel like a dopomine burst, which would last for the night. I would feel excited and continuously happy,..even the libido seemed to increase suddenly. But dandruff kind of thing, like scaling or flaking started appearing on my scrotum. I got a terrible itching sensation on my genitals, which felt really uncomfortable on public places. But It also proves that homeopathy works for pois!. After that I stopped taking medicine, within months it turned back to normal pois. Now after a year, I have mixed symptoms. One day after O, I have the regular pois symptoms, on someday after O, I feel extremely happy and my body feels so light. Its like a gamble of pleasure & pain for me now.

Recently I found out that I have IBS. I have infection of micro organisms in my intestine. I read a lot about gut - brain axis, and surprisingly, when I took the tablet to kill the germs, I experienced mild pois symptoms. Now Iam thinking, maybe digestion & the microbiome of intestine is the main issue. I have found a new path and trying to work around it.

So many of them with pois have experimented different medicines in allopathy, why not experiment other forms of treatments too?

*Homeopathy (German), Ayurveda (India), Siddha (India, Tamil nadu). *

These are some of the medicinal treatments which work on the concept of self healing. So for the problems, where there isn't a specific cure, self healing medicines may solve the problem. In Ayurveda there are treatments for auto -immune diseases using herbs and diet control. So please explore them!

Above all  !DIET CONTROL!

Diet control is primary best self healing technique. Keep your gut healthy, it may solve a variety of problems. Even in severe auto immune diseases like multiple sclerosis, there are books and organizations available to reduce their symptoms using diet. Since auto - immune disease is an innate problem, self healing techniques may work best on it. Also for me, during my worst Pois symptoms seems to completely vanish when I fasted. Once I ate again it would continue. This also proves that, diet, digestion, is connected to pois.

My hope is that one day everyone will be cured of this symptoms completely, so we can have a normal healthy sex life, without having to fear of dreadful pois symptoms or having take pills before and after O. Unlike other diseases this isn't life threatening or incurable. We have seen people on this forum cured 100%. So lets hope for the best and transform or life !
Best of luck👍
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Re: Other possible cures (homepathy,ayurveda,diet)
« Reply #1 on: July 14, 2021, 01:59:09 AM »
Homeopathy has been debunked many times over. It must have been something else that caused the change you describe.

The gut is definitely connected to POIS at least for some people, based on my own experience (see signature) and that of several others on the forum. Remains to be seen whether gut issues are the root cause for all those people though.


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Re: Other possible cures (homepathy,ayurveda,diet)
« Reply #2 on: July 16, 2021, 01:51:00 PM »
The initial cause is not always in the intestine.
If you have inflammation in your body, your bowels will become more sensitive and you will start to have allergies.
Diet will help to break this vicious cycle, but if you don't find the initial cause of inflammation, there will be no cure.
As I mentioned in my topic, I believe our biotype is one of the causes (low muscle mass and flaccid connective tissue).
This biotype predisposes to muscle microinjuries and facilitates vasodilation with the release of histamine and bradykinins.
But this question seems to have little relevance because most topics here we only see talking about vitamins and anti-inflammatory drugs.
My POIS only happens with masturbation. Normal sex does not generate POIS symptoms. My POIS is related to me mood and the health of my cervical spine. Dopamine/Inflammation/Body constitution (genetics) are factors that contribute to POIS.

R kishore kumar

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Re: Other possible cures (homepathy,ayurveda,diet)
« Reply #3 on: April 04, 2022, 01:32:44 PM »
I'm also from Tamilnadu suffering from POIS past 3 yrs .

This is my contact number 7200601557
Pls contact me.

We can share our experience hope will find better solution for this problem.