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Krishdk Summary
« on: July 04, 2021, 02:41:20 AM »
Recall always being very tired when in my teens. Could not get out of bed from extreme fatigue.

Age 16 got HSV-2.

Often mood swings from fatigue.

At 40 I got aseptic meningitis. I was devastated after that.

It got me started on discovering what was wrong with me, because at that point I was in a very bad place. Depression, muscle pains upper arms, extreme fatigue, severe brain fog, sleep deprivation.

I am not too clear here, because I am writing this retrospectively. I am now 50 and have improved to the point where I would say I have cured myself.

Known allergies: Rubber, Nickel, Food stuffs, Penicillin
At age 14 developed swollen sinuses. Went to an allergy specialist for 1 year, they never found anything. Had surgery to clear my nose, to allow me to breathe again.

I always suspected I had some kind of food allergy, I often had stomach aches and flatulence all the time. Many times tried to refrain from this or that for weeks with no effect. Gave up.

Years later I realized the doctors could not help me at all and found a German lab that could test me for 300 food stuffs. And to no surprise they found me allergic to 72 foods items.
I researched some common denominators and found that it is related to my rubber allergy. It is called Latex-fruit syndrome. A cross reaction.
I totally changed my diet, and it helped a lot.

My Diamine Oxidase levels were also found to be severely impaired.
(Speculation; because of I have been living in disregard of my allergies so long, something must have broken. Some gland stopped working?)
So, I have histamine intolerance. Also called HIT. I believe this has a big relation to POIS. I believe that having no DAO is somehow a trigger for POIS. DAO regulates the entire immune system. Having no DAO is a BIG problem. I now observe a strict low-histamine diet.

But I could feel it was not the full answer. So, I had a stool test to see about my biota. And I discovered I had an opportunistic bacteria called Citrobacter. It was 80.000 times elevated. An intestinal infection in other words.
I read the "Fix your gut" and wrote to the author about how to get rid of this infection. We came up with an herbal protocol. That did not cure it in the first try. Adjusted protocol and did it again and had a new stool test done that showed it was now fixed.

I also had my hormone levels done, and I was low on all.
I had my metabolism measured, and I was low on that too. Which was no surprise because I am always cold. Hands and feet always cold. I eat very little, never much hunger.

Some diet specialist told me I probably also suffered from bad methylation. Had never heard the word. Researched and found a group of people suffering from fatigue that had put together a formula of supplements. A protocol.
I started getting into human metabolism. There is a lot of research about autism, and some gene defect relating to impaired metabolism. I now suspect from years of trialing that I have MTHFR gene defect. I am now on a supplement of methylated folate, and methionine. I have probably tried around 50 different supplements. I think the best way to discover is to experiment.
I also take some small amount of hormones, DHEA and Pregnenolone. Testosterone would probably have benefitted me, but I cannot find that anywhere.

I just recently found a way to boost my metabolism a little more. A diet specialist told me metabolism can be hampered by low iodine. Tried for some time to blot a patch of iodine on the lower inside of my arm, as some suggested it can penetrate the skin. But had no effect. Then someone told me to start eating Kombu seaweed, as that is high in iodine. And it had a big effect. I now sleep like a log every night.

I am now healthier than I have been in the last 20 years.
I lost all excess fat due to switching to almost ketogenic diet. All muscle pain is gone. Brain fog is gone. Sleep is great. I keep masturbation to once a week maximum, and it does not put that big heavy brick on me afterwards. I never look at pornography anymore. My stomach is working as it should. I am not tired all the time anymore. My mood is positive.

So, in essence I:
a. fixed my dysbiotic flora.
b. discovered all the allergies I have and avoid provocation.
c. discovered I have HIT and I eat accordingly.
d. worked on my hormones as best as could.
e. worked on my metabolism with lots of supplements and still do. These are much more important than vitamins if you ask me.
f. completely changed my diet, to one that favors my biota more than my cravings. I almost never buy any food stuff that has been processed. I eat mostly plants and nuts, and oils, and berries.
It took me 10 years to make these discoveries. I hope somehow someone can benefit.
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Re: Krishdk Summary
« Reply #1 on: July 04, 2021, 10:28:16 AM »
Great post. I have often suspected my POIS is multiple compounded issues. Could you please talk about the herbal treatment you took for your gut infection? Also, what is your dosage of methionine and methylfolate?


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Re: Krishdk Summary
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Of course.

Main ingredient was clove oil.
1 drop mixed into olive oil to dilute it.
30 drops of berberine tincture
10 drops juniper tincture
15 drops rhodiola
1/2-1 tsp caprylic acid
Neem powder in juice
Pau d'arco tincture*
Black Walnut tincture*
Grape fruit seed extract*
Cranberry juice (Use in 3rd world to cure bladder infections and it works)

This is taken 3 times a day for 4-6 weeks.
You must ramp up over 1-2 weeks, because it is very hard on your system. You can get toxic overload from bacteria die-off, that release toxins stored in cell walls.
*These I had to skip because I was allergic.

Flora booster while on this protocol, because you are taking anti-bio that is broad spectrum, so you need to promote the beneficial ones while doing this protocol.

FOS or Inoline
Udos High Bifido regularly, 2-3 times a week

You may think that clove oil is a spice. But the flavor is the plant making substances that are antibiotic. 150 drops will kill a human.

But this composition depends on what kind of imbalances you may have.
If you take the stool test from great plains, which is expensive, they will also grow the bacteria in a dish and test it for sensitivity to various penicillin as well as commonly used natural remedies like clove oil. This is why it is expensive. With this knowledge in hand you can compose a protocol specifically for the situation.

Other oils that are often used are Oregano, Thyme, Cinnamon. Be aware that there are two types of Cinnamon and one of them is on the German Commissions list of suspected unhealthy substances. So use the other one.

Since these oils are broad spectrum they will mostly work on many other opportunistic bacteria like Proteus and Candida etc.

The reason it makes most sense to go the herbal way is that penicillin is often the reason a flora has damage to begin with. Making a complex protocol like the above is effectively a combination therapy which always works best.

I have taken GABA for a while now. It is an excellent anti-inflammatory supplement. I feel it has helped me greatly improve my histamine levels. And thus sleep.

In regards to chronic fatigue protocol.
Look up the Pall Protocol for CFS.
Items I used from that list:

Vitamin B6 in the form of pyridoxal phosphate
Niacin the real thing that gets you flushed.
Methylated Folate
DAO (ad hoc)
Now I just take Methionine 500mg and Folate 1000mcg as daily support.
If I were to suggest one book it would be Buhner's Herbal Antibiotic because it has real dosages for all plants known to us.
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Re: Krishdk Summary
« Reply #3 on: August 28, 2022, 01:08:18 AM »

I had a Organic Acid Test done on Great Plains Lab.
This showed I had some kind of problems with my mitochondrias. Either from genetics, or from toxic substances. Most likely the latter.
This rimes with the fact that my metabolism is low and I am low on hormones.

So I started taking some essential amino acid supplements. That had a marked effect on me.
It contains: leucin, valin, lysin, fenylalanin, tretonin, isoleucin, histidin, metionin, tryptofan. I take 5g once or twize a day.

I can warmly recommend to have an OAT done to get a metabolic baseline and see where you are.
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