Author Topic: Cost effective alternatives for omega-3  (Read 23003 times)


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Re: Cost effective alternatives for omega-3
« Reply #60 on: October 27, 2021, 02:20:35 PM »
Idea: Instead of increasing omega3, what about decreasing the possibly worst offender of omega6, which is Linoleic acid.



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Re: Cost effective alternatives for omega-3
« Reply #61 on: November 08, 2022, 03:38:30 AM »
1. Ate gingko biloba leaves, twigs , fruits and seeds because there were alot of trees growing nearby. Also took extract at high dosages for long periods of time. It reduced itching but that doesn''t imply it has anything to do with LOX or COX. Other than reduction in itching it did jack shit for other symptoms.

2. Works but you need high dosages, pharmokinetics are garbage and hard to ingest in sufficient quantities. Products on the market are dosed too low and too expensive.

3. Fish oils... took 20 grams of extract for about 3 monhts staight, did jack shit altough it helped with depression and mood. Might as well eat fish all day every day.

4. Thyme , completely nonsense because the content of compounds variates alot. Also the effects are barely noticable even at really high dosages. Only thing it does is reducing anxiety. Does jack shit for allergy symptoms.
5. Jack shit
6. jack shit, altough high dosages work wonder for anxiety or depression too expensive overall.
7. never tried this
8. jack shit
9. Works really but you need extremely high dosages and the pharmacokinetics are shit, you only absorb small amounts and the half-life is shit. tried different dosages for many weeks , usually around 600mg for one month straight. $$$$$$

10. Works however curcumin itself trigger allergic reactions. Dosages taken are 20 to 30 gram of grounded daily prepared in emulsion of lecithins, fatty acids and black pepper. Works wonders for depression and anxiety but actually triggers allergic reactions

11. Not worthwhile like resveratrol. Need high dosages and is too expensive to warrant the effects. Stilbenes are more effective than other compounds when it comes to mast cells because it does reduce itch...but then again only thing is reducing the itch when you are getting destroyed by POIS.

12. Does jack shit. Works for anxiety, breathing problems and actually reduces the negative side effects caused by cannabis. Does help inflammation but does jack shit for the most extreme symptoms of POIS.

13. CBD does jack shit , just helps anxiety but actually causes depression and myraids of symptoms
14. Triggers allergic reactions, seems to worsen everything over time just like NSAIDS.

15. Vitamin C works but you need to inject it in a special way and special solutions. Need years of experience to apply a butterfly IV, IV bag + drip, also you need to process it in a certain  way to reduce its pH. All in all will cost you shitloads of money.

16. Caffeic acid works but it might as wel been rosemaric acid or any other compound. Reduces the itch acoompanied with allergic reaction and reduced the brain fog. Amounts of rosemary used where very high amounts.. high enough to make you cringe for the rest of the day.

17. Tried essential oils.... none of them worked except pinus pinaster oil ( oral ), lemongrass, nutmeg and calamus. Even then the improvement minor, nutmeg is by far the most effective mast cell stabilizer / inhibitor but is also a aphrodisiac and makes you high, also toxic to liver etc.

18. chamomille works against itch and does it well but does little for other symptoms.
19. does jack shit

20. Quercetin works but is too expensive. Amounts you need for a significant reduction in symptoms cause all kinds of side effects just like caffeine including insomnia, stimulation etc etc . not worth the money because again the pharmacokinetics are garbage. Amounts i needed were at least 1 gram of quercetin 3 or 4 times a day and the same amount of rutin.

21. works somewhat, expect to get fucked up by POIS anyway.
22. Ginger .. worst thing i can take
23. doesn't do anything

i've been using cannabis for years now and have been growing CBD rich strains for almost 8 years. Strains are CBD nordle, CBD med gom, Fast eddie, Amnesia auto CBD. Also THC rich strains like white widow, northern lights and many others. Right now i vape 4 grams to 6 grams each day and it does jack shit besides helping me sleep and for anxiety. Even cannabis itself triggers allergic reactions in me now and then. I've also been taking niacin for many years and it actually made everything worse long term, i believe i would have been better off without it.

Most natural compound are eliminated too fast from the body and barely get absorbed. POIS patients already have GI problems and malabsorption so anything besides the injection route will probably be useless. Even then the Half-Life is garbage. I'm not saying you shouldn't try new things but one that doesn't hold a job won't get any worthwhile effects from these expensive supplements. I personally don't even take these threads seriously anymore, i've been isolating compounds for many years and tried them and rarely had any success.

Also the TNF-A model and IL-6 model is severely outdated and rarely is implicated in rarer diseases. Like muon said i've also tested for TNF-A and IL-6 and the results were normal. Everything i read on pubmed did jack shit and everything i read on these forums did jack shit. Only thing that helped is alpha lipoic acid but that's because of my pre-diabetes and has little do with POIS itself. Studies revolve around TNF-a and IL-6 because it's implicated in diabetes and researchers want a big piece of that money industry that's called diabetes so they model their studies after it.

Question is am i better of then previous years with all that cannabis use, supplement and herb use and medicine use.... No i maybe even got worse because of some supplements triggering reactions.  It also made me jaded and made me reject this forum and became very biased towards these idiot researchers setting people in wrong directions.

Also alot of people actually mast cell activation from NSAIDs , LOX or PGE inhibitors this also has been my experience. People don't read the shit that muon for example wrote , people are hang up about taking garlic and niacin and all this other shit because it gives them a feeling they can control the symptoms in which the end is just another delusion.

Many of these can be considered as aphrodisiacs as well.
The cause is probably the senescence of sexual organs and resultant inducible SASP, which also acts as a kind of non-diabetic metabolic syndrome.