Author Topic: Watching porn without masturbation  (Read 2760 times)


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Watching porn without masturbation
« on: December 02, 2017, 08:58:53 AM »
In these days I am watching porn without masturbating, the rush of dopamine during the visualization is the same of a normal person I think, after a while ti became boring however and also this could be perfectly normal, the problem is that I also noted a light depression after watching it like a mini POIS, I was thinking it would impossibile to be POIS because I don't ejaculated but I remembered of the fluid of Cowper that is automatically ejaculated during the excitement and could be this to cause this sort of mini POIS but could be also the prolactin that is normally released after a period of sexual arousal even without orgasm, the mistery about the origin of the cognitive POIS remains.
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Re: Watching porn without masturbation
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I made a pre-ejaculate dedicated thread check this out: