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Re: Could i have POIS?
« Reply #40 on: August 17, 2011, 10:19:31 AM »
Since my last post i seem to have fallen back into some sort of POIS: tired, fogged, down and weird sensation in my head. My last O was 2,5 weeks ago.
I did have a lively erotic dream last week, but no NE, i never had that exept for one or two time in early puberty. Following nights i had some erections when i woke up in the middle of the night. Today i started taking saw palmetto pills to reduce my unvoluntairy libido. I hope this will help.

Also, yesterday i had some dust clouds in my urine, i haven't had that for a long time. No relief after that thought (i never had i think).

Was the dream vivid enough that you feel like you are actually performing the act of sex an having orgasm. I get those alot now.
 right after your dream did you have to go the bathroom and when it was time to wake up did you have difficulty getting up because of fatigue. 
Those dreams keep me in pois, when i try to go along time without ejaculation those dreams come and when i watch to much porn or if think about sex to much i get them.

the dreams might explain why you never heal, start paying more attention to them.

I should have brought it up, but it is something very little pois sufferers experience i think.


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Re: Could i have POIS?
« Reply #41 on: August 18, 2011, 05:34:57 AM »
Hi Ccc, i didn't O in my dream but i was getting there. I also did not have to go to the bathroom. I don't recall if i was more tired after waking up, but - if it is POIS - my reaction seems to start from day 2. At least for nighttime O's. Daytime O's give me a complete different reaction, a terrible fatigue after minutes and last the rest of the day.

I seldom have erotic dreams so i think it's the body's reaction to abstinence. During my previous 8 week abstinence my libido decreased till the point it all felt quite dead down there.


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Re: Could i have POIS?
« Reply #42 on: November 24, 2019, 02:53:54 PM »
In 2010 my feces was tested on several things among which beta-defensin 2.
- beta-defensin 2: 139,20 ++ (ref < 23, so 6 times the maximum value)
I understand that BD2 is an anti microbial peptide made in mucosal epithelium cells and a high level indicates a hyper-reactive IS (the IS part you are born with). I wonder though if BD2 from the mucosa near the urinary tract would show up in a fecal test.
Anyway, i wouldn't be surprised if the white stuff comes the reaction in this mucosa, but i don't believe it's semen.

NOD2/CARD15 Mediates Induction of the Antimicrobial Peptide Human Beta-defensin-2*

Human β‐defensin‐2 enhances IFN‐γ and IL‐10 production and suppresses IL‐17 production in T cells

Mucosal antifungal defence: IL-17 signalling takes centre stage

IL-17 and IL-22, another cytokine typically expressed by Th17 cells, were shown to synergistically upregulate expression of antimicrobial peptides, including b-defensin 2, cathelicidin and calprotectin, thereby improving the resistance of the skin and protecting from infections

Human β-defensin 2 but not β-defensin 1 is expressed preferentially in colonic mucosa of inflammatory bowel disease

HBD-1 is expressed constitutively in colonic tissue irrespective of inflammation. HBD-2 is barely present in uninflamed colon but it is induced in inflammation. The lower expression of HBD-2 in Crohn's disease compared with ulcerative colitis indicates different responses of the mucosal innate defence. Defensins may play a crucial role in controlling pathogen invasion in IBD, although the functional significance remains to be established.


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Re: Could i have POIS?
« Reply #43 on: February 04, 2020, 03:34:22 PM »
Hi there, i hope this is the right place for my question, so here it is.

I have been suffering from fatigue and brainfog for over 30 years now. It started when i was about 13, about when i started masturbating.
A typical day for me: i need some coffee to get started and have energy for about 2 hours. I then sink into this hole of brainfog which can last the rest of the day.
If taken enough rest i sometimes get an energy boost after around 22.00 and my head clears up.

If i have an O in the morning or afternoon it feels like i have been hit by a bus, but all discomfort is in my head. I never have flulike symtoms or muscle aches.
An O late at night helps me go to sleep, i dont have any immediate side effects then.

I have seen alot of doctors (regular and alternative) but not much was found.
About 5 years ago i had my testosteron tested, which was low at 6.8 (ref 9-38). After a year of taking andriol (testosterone, 40mg) the level even dropped to 3.8.
When i stopped taking Andriol testosteron went up to 13. My vitamin D level was 18 last year (ref 32 - 86) and some of the B's were low.

I've been reading about POIS since 10 days and went into abstinense right away. The first 3-4 days were as usual, day 5 was a bit worse and day 6 even more. I also felt a bit of glow on my face and my eyes were itching a bit. From day 7 its back to the usual fatigue and brainfog.

So, could this be POIS (i hope it is) and when could i expect some improvement form being abstinent?

Thanks for any insights!

Hi man, sounds exactly like my case, did Andriol testosteron help with POIS? Also, I haven?t taken any analysis but chances are I also have low testosterone levels. Also, any chance you have Irritable Bowel Syndrome?  i.e. digestion problems: often not going to the toilet?every 3 days or more? I probably have it, but I didn?t realise  till now?just like POIS. Check out the symptoms:
Some of the symptoms that resonate with me are: not going to the toilet often (usually every 4 or more days, and in small quantity; and then once every two months a big dhiarrea-like poo) passing mucus from your bottom (during the days that you try to poo and little comes out); feeling bloated.
So happy to be part of this community! Just a year ago, I was alone, nobody understood my “unreal” symptoms.
Digestion problems anyone? (I.e. using toilet every 3+ days) My POIS began as a teenager together with digest
POIS (13 or 7): photophobia, bloating, heavy brain fog, memory loss, muco