Author Topic: Allergic reactions / rashes a clue?  (Read 2116 times)


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Allergic reactions / rashes a clue?
« on: March 18, 2013, 10:33:09 PM »
Hi all.  New to the board and wanted to share something I have learned over the years.  Wondering if it is related to POIS symptoms and potentially a clue.  Could also help others.

Since puberty, I get rashes on the tip of my penis after orgasm, every time.  I had a doctor tell me once it was similar to a yeast infection in women and probably due to being uncircumcised.  I use Lotrimin (for athletes foot) and it disappears in a couple of days.  My wife never gets yeast infections so I always thought it was odd.  You would think we would be passing it back and worth.  It never occurred to me that it could be an allergic reaction to my own sperm. 

A few years ago, my wife had an operation and we had to start using lubrication when having sex.  Every time we used lube, I didn't get the rash.  If I didn't use it, I did.  I think the lube creates a barrier between my skin and whatever is causing the rashes. 

Couple of questions:
-Does anyone else get skin reactions like this?
-I wonder if this is a real, testable symptom of the allergy theory?
-I wonder if using a barrier like lube could reduce the symptoms of POIS by reducing the reaction?

Sorry if this is too much information.  But thought it could help someone else. 
22 years POIS-like symptoms. It's been a long road...


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Re: Allergic reactions / rashes a clue?
« Reply #1 on: March 23, 2013, 12:07:02 AM »

Welcome! I am new to the forum as well (I joined in January). How certain are you that you have pois? Could you tell me what your general symptoms are?

The rash you mention on the tip of the penis sound VERY familiar. In Dr. Waldinger's first paper "Postorgasmic Illness Syndrome: Two Cases" he describes two cases of pois. Case 1 experienced "skin erythema; red colored pimples located at the neck, back, and abdomen; generalized itching but particularly in region of penis and anus" (pg. 252 paragraph 1). Case 2 experienced "skin erythema and itching pimples, mainly at the penis" (page 253 paragraph 2).

On a personal note, I experience red rashes and tiny pimples on my hands if they come in contact with semen. The rash resolves within a few days, which means that the Lotrimin could have not been doing anything for you, that the rash was the result of an allergic reaction resolving itself after a couple days of healing naturally. I also have no doubt that the lube is forming a barrier, I have observed this too.

If you have not read Dr. Waldinger's work please do. It has a lot of medical terminology, and I know that focusing is hard but educating yourself is step 1 to getting a diagnosis and getting better. And if you do have pois you can get better, quite a few people are doing the allergy shots and I hope to start very soon myself. If you don't have Waldinger's papers yet give me your email and I'll gladly send it to you, or else ask any of the senior members of the boards.
I have both physical and psychological symptoms for about 6 days. Muscle soreness, pain in the prostate and warmth in the pelvic area, fatigue, lack of motivation, irritability, confusion, inability to focus, forgetting obligations, difficulty communicating, difficulty interacting with others.


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Re: Allergic reactions / rashes a clue?
« Reply #2 on: March 23, 2013, 05:01:30 PM »
I have the same rashes on the tip of the penis. But I'm not sure if they come from sleeping naked and the penis rubbing against the sheets. I did have an allergic reaction when I did the prick test though.