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Little things that can help us in day to day life
« on: December 10, 2012, 05:30:06 PM »
From my own experience and from reading this forum, no matter how confident you may feel when you manage to abstain from ejaculation long enough to feel yourself, sometimes we all find ourselves shrinking into a corner and a little bit down. Sometimes a lot down!. In fact these feelings of inadequacy or loss of self esteem can carry over into non-POIS periods at times.  I suppose thats not surprising because non-POIS people get down from time to time too. I find body language a pretty fascinating topic and I'd like to post the following link in case it helps some of you from time to time...It might help in the odd situation. I'm at least certain that, like me,  a lot of people here will identify with a story toward the end of the video which talks about a high achiever having her mental capabilities suddenly taken from her, stripping her of her identity. This happened to me when my POIS started.

The link of body language to hormones is something I've read before but the graphs in this video are truly dramatic. Its not a cure for POIS but I hope this is useful for someone when they need a bit of a boost going into a social situation...You might just surprise yourself. And remember that being hunched over a laptop counts as making yourself small and could be affecting your mood and perception of life. Make yourself big and get that testosterone flowing! :)
The TED website in general is a treasure trove of uplifting, inspiring and otherwise fascinating talks. Enjoy!
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