Author Topic: Do I have POIS?? 27 Male  (Read 2653 times)


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Do I have POIS?? 27 Male
« on: August 04, 2012, 10:19:45 PM »

I was actually referred to this website from another forum.

I was recently diagnosed with ADHD. I get super easily tired after sex. I'd rather climb mountains or work out for 2-3 hours straight then feel what I have to feel after 5-10 minute sex. This effect also happens even if I am not the one rigorously moving. Orgasm is great but the after effect of sex kills me. This has been going on for since my first orgasm, since middle school until now. Sex is the most tiring thing in the world for me. I cannot focus all day, I become a zombie. My other symptoms include dry eyes, diarrhea (sometimes), muscle cramps (near abdominal area lasting for about a day), irritability and EXTREME fatigue. This happens within 5 minutes after ejaculation. This happens EVERYTIME I have sex. Unlike the general description for POIS, my symptoms only last until I go to sleep and I don't think my symptoms are flu-like, I just feel really tired. If I go to sleep, viola! Everything except muscle cramp goes away. Muscle cramp eventually goes away after 24 hours. So for me, after having sex, I just need to take a nap or good sleep for at least 3 hours. This is a huge problem because I love sex and have sex in the morning too.

I am a healthcare professional and I think I understand human physiology and pharmacology fairly well. I thought I had problem with my dopamine pathway. It?s been 4 months since I have been diagnosed for AD(H)D (Hyperactivity subsided when I got older). I was prescribed Provigil and Adderall. They definitely work. They do not bring my 100% back to normal but they do the job of getting me up to about 90% functionality. Both provigil and adderall helps. Seems that adderall helps much more effectively. Symptoms come back when the drugs wear off though. At appropriate dosage, I am no longer tired and I can actually function. However, next day I wake up with headache. If I don?t have sex on stimulant drugs, I wake up fine. I thought it was dopamine problem till now. However, I found this forum and now I am really confused.
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Re: Do I have POIS?? 27 Male
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assfdoc, WELCOME to the forum! Please take a close look at some of the fabulous POIS resources at your disposal!

10 years of significant POIS-reduction, treatment consisting of daily (365 days/year) testosterone patches.

TRT must be checked out carefully with your doctor due to fertility, cardiac and other risks.

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Re: Do I have POIS?? 27 Male
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There's a lot to support that it is a "dopamine pathway" problem. Others have tried Adderol at least, and we have found as you suggest, that the relief is temporary, rather a symptom reliever than a symptom preventer.

Many here have found that niacin and B complexes "prevent". They tend to intervene  and support depleted precursors to dopamine type neurotransmitters.

Well, there's lots about it here, so have a look around.

We are preparnig to undertake some professional research to dig more deeply into the problem.

Sorry I didn't see your post until now, my RSS didn't catch it somehow!!

Sessions 5 to 9 days, mostly Flu-like, joints, digestion problems, light cognitive.
Niacin has changed my lif though, now 1 day MAX.
Somewhere in this interaction with Niacin is the answer!