Author Topic: My POIS success story with HCG, NSAID, L-Arginine  (Read 979 times)

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My POIS success story with HCG, NSAID, L-Arginine
« on: October 14, 2023, 08:08:08 AM »
47/M/180lb, pois sufferer since age of 31. Last few years were severe to the point that I feared having sex. Sypmtoms were low energy, severe brain fog, disturbance of circadian rhythm, low mood, easily irritated, social anxiety, struggling for words while talking/writing, dip in intellect, low motivation to do anything. Symptoms lasted for 7 to 15 days.

Current situation: Almost 90% symptoms gone.

Did NIACIN 500 mg daily for 3 months. I'm not sure this helped. It bumped up my blood sugars and weight by 15 lbs.

Subsequently, doing the following worked:
HCG 1000 IU injected SC daily in the morning using an automatic injector (Autoject 2)
NSAID Celecoxib 2   200 mg capsule after sex and also on the next day
L-Arginine (SR) 350 mg every morning
Low carb diet

Hope this helps someone!