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i previously posted my 100% working drug regime but since then i have tried changing some of it and here are the results

1 since last time my psychiatrist discontinued my ssri duloxitine since i was not having nay physiological symptoms, this resulted in increase in pois symptoms with our without my partner. this was very unexpected and i was hoping duloxitine was not the main drug which affected my pois but its one factor in my pois symptom intensity, i heal less quickly if i am not on duloxitine and have some mental struggles which were completely eliminated before when i was on the drug.

2 i tried to not use etodolac for a few orgasms in last 2 months and every time i got 90% of pois symptoms and this made me suffer a bit more so my doctor continued it as necessary, but he was surprised that etodolac works in such a short period of time cause usually it takes weeks for the medicine to build up in the  body to continuously suppress the immune system and said there must be some fast acting side effects of the medicine which are unknown since its usually or mostly used in chronic autoimmune conditions, but i did take full dose etodolac during the pois cycle and the new drug protocol works even better since its now optimized for fats acting anti inflammatory response

3 i did stop all my vitamins expect a multi vitamin pill daily and iron supplement once in a while it had no impact on my daily lifestyle.

4 since i use to have low energy after pois symtoms my doctor suggested adding caffeine to my daily schedule and while i use to drink coffee before now i take caffeine pills and the results are phenomenal my daily energy is way up i only take caffeine when my energy is low but my doctor suggest not having the pills and try to take more of water boiled green tea or black coffee since its more of a full intake of all natural compounds which goes with caffeine but he do suggest to take the pills if i cant take the natural route.

5 modanifil a god sent but should not use in long run, this is a drug to promote wakefulness and increase energy but my doctor suggest me not to have this drug in long run and just take caffeine pills if necessary since its effects are well known to prevent any unnecessary damage, the drug in in itself is fine but he was more worried about a overuse since i been trying to suppress my libido and i could go on a bender, this is the same reason i can only take 6 pills of etizolam cause it may be used in abuse dosage unknowingly.

6 etizolam same i tried not having it the next day of orgasm and i did have mental fog afterwards but its a drug with potential of abuse so it should be used very carefully i only have a monthly allowance which eliminates the risk to minimum but still it should only be used under medical supervision.

7 gabapentin - it works somewhat for body pain but its effects on its own were minimal although it did work

current drug regime

etodolac (extended release) 300-400mg per pill - one pill 30-60 mins before the orgasm(preferred and works best) or immediately after orgasm(still works but i do feel down until it kicks in) one after 12 hours or after waking up and a third on the night of second day of orgasm if necessary
this is the drug which works wonders for me.

etizolam on the night of second day of orgasm but only to be taken if i have bipolar or i am feeling depressed. should not take more then 2 tablets per week

caffeine pills 50-100mg lower dose pills are harder to find but 50mg dose is preferred since it gives the energy boast without any symptoms i try to get lower dose pills but if i cant get them i take 100mg pills, caffeine in coffee or tea just doesn't work for me as good as the pills do.

modanafil only to be used if i cant use caffeine since its works like a ssri and can result in unnecessary damage to the mental state.

multi vitamins -
1supradyn one pill each day or ever other day i am only taking it since i am going to the gym my doctor have discontinued it from my drug regime as necessary
2daily iron - iron absforcate 2 pills per week any day i can remember to take it for 3 more months then 1 pill per week for 3 months then whenever i can remember

this is my drug regime i made with my doctor i am only posting this so you guys can get an idea of what works for me, do not take these medicines without consulting your doctor