Author Topic: Simple herbal supplement that boosted tremendously my POIS recovery  (Read 149 times)


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Hello everyone,

I just discovered this whole idea of POIS after suffering of it, nearly 15 years. I went through many supplements as I believed that there must be something out there to help.
I own a huge stack of supplements and made many combinations and routines.

But after many many POIS recoveries I have found the core combination that boosts my recovery time from those symptoms, around 3-5 days of daily intake of 500 mg of Schisandra + 500 mg of Tribulus terrestris after a meal, POIS disappears or at least becomes very manageable to lead a somewhat normal life. You can add other supplements too but these 2 are the core because without them recovery isn't that fluid.

Also, another simple but yet super effective habit, is good sleep, going to bed around 10-11 pm seriously helps to alleviate those nasty symptoms, and is of paramount importance even more important than for people who don't suffer of POIS I'd say.