Author Topic: Asthma symptoms getting worse after orgasm  (Read 1127 times)


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Asthma symptoms getting worse after orgasm
« on: April 24, 2023, 08:59:46 AM »
Hi, I'm 26 y/o and since I remember I always got worse my asthma symptoms after sexual stimulation, specially if I had an orgasm. Normally I experienced cognitive dysfunction, aphasia, muscle weakness, fatigue, flu-like or allergy-like symptoms,(yeah, all the usual) and my ashtma symptoms become much worse. I'm pretty much stable most of the time, maybe from time to time I can breath with a bit difficulty if I eat too much ice-cream or cold soda for long times, or sleeping with windows open and without covering. As an asmathic I know I have to take care of the cold, so I avoid those things most of the time. But when I have an orgasm, it doesn't matter how much I take care my asthma symptoms become suddenly bad, I can barely breath good enough, if I walk too fast for a long time I loose all the air from my lungs and I feel really exhausted, if I run I got tired after a block. You may think of me as a really bad person at sports, but I can run for an hour in a good state of health(not having orgasms for a week at least), I do lifting, I eat healthy, almost no sugar, not oil in food, all home-prepared food, vegetables, etc. When I'm not having orgasms I'm really athletic and heatlhy, and none of these sympthoms ocurre. So, I'm totally sure it is caused because of the orgasm. The symptoms are going down after 2-4 days.

Yes, I tried using inhalers(beclomethasone, Ipratropium bromide), and even though it might help a bit to stabilyze my symptoms, it won't get me back the endurance and health I have when I don't have orgasms.

So, any thoughts about it? Do you have asthma or have experienced something simillar?