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I've recently added Niacin to my small modest POIS pre-pack. Boy was I missing a LOT. I tried to make sure this isn't placebo so I waited for a while (a month) to test the results of taking Niacin (in the correct POISer way) before writing this post.

Yes. It works. I'll post the details of my experience at the bottom of my post, but first a few questions I have for those who've been on a successful ride with Niacin for years, answering them may help me get more comfortably into the Niacin-POIS Lifestyle. Before you answer, please consider mentioning roughly how long have you been on Niacin.
And if possible the brand you're taking.

- Did it affect your body negatively in the long term in any shape or form even by a little? Especially the Liver.
- Do you feel a BIG difference when you take Niacin on an empty stomach vs. On an almost empty stomach vs. A full stomach.
- After taking Niacin, how long do you usually wait for the flush to occur?
- Do you ejaculate immediately the moment you feel the flush, or do you wait a bit longer even though you're already flushing?
- How long does your flush itself last, whether you orgasmed or not?
- During the flush, do you think your body can handle as much orgasms as you'd like? like 2-3 times in one session? Or do you have to limit yourself to suppress the symptoms as much as possible?
- If your answer is you don't limit yourself in the previous question, does the number of orgasms affect the severity & period of your POIS symptoms? meaning more orgasms = more severe and longer symptoms even though you were flushing?
- Do you think eating a meal after you've already felt the flush will ruin the flush and thus nullify the treatment, even if you ate right before O?
- Do you take Niacin on a daily or weekly basis?

These are all the questions that popped in my head while testing Niacin. I'd really appreciate taking your time and answer each of them extensively, don't hold back anything  ;D

I'm currently 24y. I'm on This type of 500mg Niacin

Before I delve into my experience I'd like to share something personal from my past, it's related to why niacin didn't work for me before. If you're not interested you can just skip to the experience part.

I've tried Niacin several years ago and reported no success. I believe I was a young na?ve at the time, with a stupid mindset of "no cure=no success", but in these past five years I've been on a painful, vicious loop of severe POIS symptoms. no exercising, tons of fast food to relieve my sadness with no job, no friends, no dreams and goals to chase after. It got worsened when a Urologist promised me an appointment and to review my case extensively, but government processes BS to transfer me to his clinic was soo prolonged it pissed me off so much to take the initiative myself.

So a month ago I bought Niacin with a strict mindset of: "Slight relief=Success." I already gave up on a cure for pois, but after the terrible vicious loop of POIS I've been through, I'll take anything that works even by a little, because now I believe that improving my life isn't about "Curing POIS", It's about taking my time and relieve the symptoms step-by-step, even if it took months, years, with little progression, progression is success itself nonetheless. This is how you move on from pois and actually live a life.

I as I said I took Niacin years ago and reported no success, I wasn't paying attention to the slight changes my body felt after pois, I was only obsessed with the idea of a 100% cure. This time I paid full attention to even the slightest effect.

Quick Brief on my symptoms:

-Extreme joint pain.
-Dry eyes.

My modest small POIS pre-pack:

- Fenugreek (before & after O)
- Natural beetroot juice (I avoid drinking it except for exercise, since it makes me sexually active)
- Recently Niacin
- Light coffee to enhance the mood

Things I tried from the forum that didn't work:

- Pepto Bismol
- Taurine
- Vitamin D3 supplements (placebo it first, might worth another shot)
- AOR Mastic gum (placeob at first)
- Iboprufen

and I think few others that I don't remember.

NSAI has worked for me years ago, I wrote it in a post:
However I was worried about the long term effects so it wasn't worth it for me. I'll sure discuss it with my Urologist.

My Experience

I took 500mg on an empty stomach, 2hours later I started to feel the flush, 3 hours later the flush was in full effect (even though it says sustained release, I still felt slight tingling, but nothing serious). I understood that this means the green light for Orgasm. So the first few seconds of masturbating I realized that during flush I'm not feeling the usual pain in my joints at all, so that was a good sign. I orgasmed as usual, and wasn't feeling terrible afterwards.
I slept, not believing it'll work since I know POIS is way worse the first day after you wake up. But low in behold, I woke up the next day feeling WAY better than before in my life. The pain in my knee joints that used to literally STING me from the severity of the inflammation is barely there. Notice I said barely, yeah it's no cure, but damn did it help me move on and do daily stuff like a normal person.

So the symptoms I'd say are 50-70% relieved the first day both cognitive and physical, then I gradually get better, 5 days is almost no pois state.
I think this percentage also has to do with how bad my overall health is, POIS episodes ruined my diet and stamina, so perhaps I'll notice significant improvements if I gradually stopped eating junk food and start a healthy diet and actually exercise.

Mind you this is the third time I took Niacin during this month (Nov). Because this time I was confident of the results to report them :). The first time it went smoothly, so smooth I thought it was a placebo so I waited.
The second time I overdosed (1g Niacin & Full glass of beetroot juice & Dark roasted coffee), it backfired on me, will never attempt that again. I was in such a weird state I kept orgasming just to relieve the stress not paying attention to the changes of my body, something interesting also happened exactly after 26hrs of taking niacin, It's something also a member mentioned here before while taking niacin as well. My lymph node in my left thigh kind of...bulged? It was bad, walking was no fun, sleeping was terrible, the bulge lasted for 4 days then gradually disappeared.

I wonder if I should post my experience in a thread or something? I appreciate any feedbacks you guys give.

Cheers :)
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