Author Topic: We must do an organized campaign to advertise POIS  (Read 57 times)


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We must do an organized campaign to advertise POIS
« on: November 05, 2022, 01:06:03 PM »
We must do an organized campaign to advertise POIS

We already did lots of advertising on Reddit, Discord, YouTube and Internet in general during last year and it resulted in /r/POIS growing larger

However there is still A LOT OF WORK TO DO.

I believe /r/NoFap, /r/Semenretention and many of those SR/NoFap/abstinence communities have many unaware POISers

It's easy to see depending if one says they just feel a bit fatigued and demotivated for a day post-orgasm


If they say they have benefits after many days such as more mental clarity, better aura etc. etc. (in this case it often can be POIS)

Messaging users who have made online posts talking about feeling negative side effects from sex, masturbation and orgasm/ejaculation is one way to find the unaware POISers

But WE MUST ALSO make posts on places where many possible unaware POISers lurk - on health subreddits, brain fog subreddits, SR/NoFap subreddits, write about it on twitter convos/accounts dicussing SR/NoFap, on Quora posts, YouTube videos related to SR/NoFap/No Nut November

A GOOD WAY to do this is by using ALREADY PROVEN POIS TREATMENT CASES where users got cured

This way one sees for many it is a 100% physical thing and nothing to do with overdoing PMO or something like that

I and users on the POIS discord servers have done a lot of such advertising


If anyone is interested - look at my post with the invite to the discord server and join to coordinate the efforts

You can also individually think of ways to advertise POIS

Even though POIS IS GROWING, there is still A LOT OF WORK TO BE DONE

There is A HUGE GOLD MINE in those SR/NoFap communities - search up brain fog, acne, fatigue or any other POIS symptoms tags on /r/NoFap or elsewhere with "masturbation" or "orgasm" or "sex" or "ejaculation" tags added next to it and be amazed of how many threads online you can find of POISers talking of it

A BIG ISSUE is that many unaware POISers may find SR/NoFap first before POIS and think it's normal and everyone has it or that they over-did PMO and they can heal by just abstaining (even if they never did it much) even if their root cause is unrelated to overdoing it and due to some other underlying issue

Therefore it is very important to ensure the POISers who have connected the link between feeling bad and orgasms, learn the truth about POIS instead of the faulty dogmatic thinking that SR/NoFap sometimes encourage in which one abstains for months but every "relapse" still gives them the same symptoms even if they hadn't watched porn

I am sure the internet is full of unaware POISers - there are even threads FROM earlier 2000s on yahoo answers, other forums talking of POIS symptoms

In many cases I have found threads where one has talked of clear POIS symptoms appearing after orgasm but no one in replies had mentioned POIS so those people without anyone telling them may be confused for years and believe it's normal to feel so bad by it and integrate the idea that it's a natural response in itself rather than a mal-adapted imbalance that not everyone has

WHICH IS HOW I also believe that ANCIENT SEMEN RETENTION IDEAS and SIDE EFFECTS OF ONANISM books appeared - possibly in the past there were POISers who noticed the appearance of symptoms post-orgasm

BUT the low medical knowledge/testing tools meant no one had a single clue and most of people who didn't have POIS couldn't relate in any way so it lead to those individuals thinking most people are lying or that some just by nature have less "sexual energy reserves" or something like that WHICH IS HOW THOSE SR/ONANISM BEING BAD FOR HEALTH type ideas APPEARED

It is only now in the last decades due to Internet and modern medicine understanding that those who have POIS are able to gather together and notice how it is way more common and that not everyone has it and therefore start addressing it from a 100% medical angle

Thus it is very possible a large part of the whole SR/NoFap hype and the confusion or mockery from many about Semen retention/NoFap/No Nut November comes from there having always been unaware POISers who thought everyone gets the same "benefits" if they abstain like they do (the "benefits" being them returning to POIS-free state) but THEY DIDN'T KNOW THAT NOT EVERYONE HAS SUCH SYMPTOMS so that is why many people make fun of SR/NoFap while some claim it helped them in many ways, BECAUSE THEY ARE UNAWARE POISers

POIS is the explanation between a large part of the SR/NoFap hype phenomenon, with an another big chunk being the genuinely addicted but if one feels like shit even from fapping without porn especially if they have abstained a lot and still feel as shit when doing it once in a while even if not every day, then MOST LIKELY THEY ARE POISers.

Therefore we must do coordinated, well-made infographs, videos, articles, comments, talk directly to people posting about POIS symptoms to BRING POIS AWARENESS TO THE MAINSTREAM!


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Re: We must do an organized campaign to advertise POIS
« Reply #1 on: November 11, 2022, 08:27:40 PM »
Despite 1410 users on this forum and 2100+ on /r/POIS there is always a big hesitancy or anyone to wanna work on advertising POIS

Even 20 users would be a big force enough to create quality posts now and then on other sites which would bring more members then repeating the loop

It is a few minutes to make a post on subreddits with many unaware POISers like nofap related ones

Why such avoidance?