Author Topic: Androgen and Estrogen Resistance needs solutioning - Attention researchers.  (Read 932 times)


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Did you know:
I don't think docs have this "resistance" part on the radar from a clinical perspective.  I suspect most of us have this and not know it.  This is the reason, I love genetics science (apart from all the tools that I hate), as we can find our vulnerabilities at home.  I have likely pathogenic mutations (ref: ClinVar) in both, and this explains few things:
- Tall (6'2") but a small body habitus like a 5'2"
- long, loosey goosey limbs/joints.  I cannot lift weights, however still acrobatic (and dont get injured).
- I knew always that my growth factors or hormones are out of whack.
- too high frequency of ejaculations (I have to do it daily, or my mind starts to explode).  Someone correct me, "resistance" of hormones can have multiple effects/manifestations, one being that it can raise sky high 'serum' levels, while your cells (the ultimate destination) are unable to utilize them.  So maybe that is why I need to ejaculate daily.  I can do 5-6 daily, 3-4 at a time (i.e. back to back) which I think is not what is typically possible by normal individuals? (due to refractory period or something).  I think these ejaculations help me lower the sky high serum levels.

abnormal sexual differentiation.  I was told by family that I had a circumcision procedure.  Now I think, it was some corrective surgery, as my reproductive organs probably did not come out by themselves and surgically had to be taken out.  Reading through genetic code is beautiful, things that you do not remember well, going through your code, sparks your memories.

Crazy part:
Folks, having just the Androgen Resistance is one thing.  Imagine if one has both.  Its like certain development biology takes a male approach, while another part of biology takes a female approach.  And the most crazy part is, that "resistance" is like a never ending "loop".  Imagine what my mind has to bear/reconcile - what my body is doing.  I would be curious if other poiser's have pathogenic or likely pathogenic mutations in Androgen + Estrogen genes or receptors.
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