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Making Great Progress
« on: May 12, 2022, 08:59:40 PM »
It's been a long time since I made a post here and I believe it was some topic on "CYP dysfunction" that was humiliatingly off the mark. In between this time I have been doing a lot in general to improve my health and with that I've gradually been curing my POIS but what I did lately has solved just about everything in my case besides the Bells palsy to a smaller extent  i get on the left side of my face affecting mainly my lower lip/jaw and under my eye but completely around my eye. The only problem is I can only make an educated guess on what is going on here. For reference as of posting this my POIS episodes have not lasted more than 2 days.

Supplement line up (from first (1) to last integrated (10) )

1. Methyl-B12 - 2000 mcg
2. Methyl-folate - 1000 mcg
3. Niacinamide - 1000 mg
4. Magnesium Malate - 100 mg
5. Vitamin C - 2 grams /day (this is also kept higher as I am under ACC chelation protocol right now also)
6. Taurine - 500 mg
7. Milk Thistle Extract
8. Yerba Santa Extract
9. Adrenal Cortex  - 50 mg(I primarily got this for chelation but I keep it there as I am more stable on it daily)
10. Quercetin - 500 mg
11. Acetly-L-Canitine - 1000 mg
12. L-Carnosine - 500 mg
13. ashwagandha extract
14. Picrorhiza Kurroa extract 9 6 drops every 6 hours (6 - 12 PM - 6) NOTE - I may since I need to dose my ALA for the ACC protocol at 12 AM anyways take 6 drops then too.

ACC Chelators (This may be largely POIS irrelevant but I like to cover all grounds)

1. DMPS - 2.5 mg every 8 hours
2. ALA - 3 mg every 3 hours

Information on most recent improvements - Quercetin made me more mentally stable and calm with a bit more motor control. L-carnitine and L-Carnosine gave me further benefits in mental stability and greatly improved sensory issues that flare with POIS. Overall a slight gain in social functioning. I was about to give up and was extremely depressed as I had hit another wall until the magical drink known as yerba mate came into my life.


I'm going to keep this next part separate as this is the most important information on what helped and is also what I'm the most confused on all the same. I noticed that during a POIS episode if I drank more coffee later because I needed more energy at work later that day this would cause my left sided Bells Palsy, social dysfunction, sensory issues (primarily in my facial nerves, they would feel almost as if they burning and get extremely hyper sensitive especially to cold temperatures), anxiety like behaviors (in knee jerk response to seeing others or even cars coming towards me or passing, VERY IMPORTANT NOTE THAT WILL COME INTO PLAY SOON), speech problems (problems forming words and sentences, not being able to properly sound out words, or use full vocal range), and motor rigidity.

I recently decided to switch from coffee to yerba mate after discovering from having some black tes with it in it that I liked the way it felt much better. Once I did this something amazing happened, my sensory problems completely disappeared, no more odd icyhot feelings on my face, I had smooth energy all day and night long (I no longer crash), I have no more motor control problems regarding rigidity, no more daily low grade Bells Palsy flares (these do not seem to have a trigger outside of POIS, always there but in background but eliminated outside of POIS on yerba mate), and improved socal functioning.

Today I had an orgasm and I did not get a single POIS symptom for around 6 hours and thought I was free but 4 things came back, the Bells Palsy (though less severe), social dysfunction with speech problems, and the baseline reactive anxiety to people and oncoming/passing traffic. The sensory issues are no more along with everything else. so after getting home feeling upset at this I remembered I had Picrohiza Kurroa extract and was going to drink more yerba mate anyways and I had an idea. Previously I was not using Picrorhiza Kurroa extract as it gave me headaches around my eyes but since knocking out coffee and integrating yerba mate I no longer have this symptom from it. So I have 6 drops of the Picrorhiza Kurroa extract and soon after drank my yerba mate (1 heaping tablespoon in a tea bag), sat around for half an hour, and went outside to purposely try to get myself to react to the environment. The anxiety response was completely gone and the facial palsy symptoms reduced to a bare minimum at the very edge of my left lip with slight jaw tension, and I completely regained my social functioning. the thing that stands out to me is that strange anxiety and socail dysfunction, I knew it wasn't natural as it is completely dissociated from my real mental state and is more like mental fly constantly buzzing around me. It presents like a response as if I am about to be attacked with paranoia but 6 drops of Picrorhiza Kurroa extract and a mug of yerba mate, and it's completely gone.

What does all of this mean though? I only have the order of what integrated supplement wise and what they did for me based on how I felt and reacted in and out of POIS. Any comments would be appreciated.

Edit - It's the next morning and I am POIS free, there was a peak hours later yesterday but that was it.
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Re: Making Great Progress
« Reply #1 on: May 19, 2022, 05:17:38 PM »
Updatte - I had an orgasm this morning and besides a couple symptoms which were the post nasal drip and hours later dysfunctional CNS, almost like it becomes too sensitive and over reaction. So I tried some drops of Picrorhiza Kurroa and this eliminates a bit of the anxiety of this state but doesn't do much else. Then I had another dose of ashwagandha extract and I got a bit calmer though this also didn't tackle what was going on in the hyper sensitive state.

Then I tried something else and it actually worked, it will also surprise you. So I recently cut out coffee completely and replaced it with yerba mate and it for my POIS is what got me where I an now in the first place but I also ordered 200 mg pure caffeine capsules because I wanted to study the effects of plain caffeine in isolation from any other plant compounds on myself. You won't believe it but that was it, it worked. As I am typing this i have no POIS symtoms going on anymore. What to me that may imply is that the hyper sensitive state with the sky rocketing anxiety and autistic like symptoms along with motor control and sensory issues is due to the CNS suddenly not getting enough juice but I don't know what could be going on there specifically.