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Got cured for one month
« on: March 30, 2022, 04:03:18 PM »
I was completely cured for one month only in the past some years ago, during that time I was able to do several orgasms without any symptoms, I believe now if I can mimic the same circumstances that I had in that month I can be cured again.
In that month:
-I got an infection which caused me tiredness and inhibition of energy
-then it was time for seasonal allergy (i get severe seasonal allergy to pollen), the allergy and histamine (getting flu as well) usually stimulate my brain making me more alert, improve my depression and ease many of my symptoms. So I got both infection and allergy at the same time.
I think I was cured:
1- either because of correcting the brain function and chemistry, i got both a brain inhibition and stimulation at the same time. (in case pois was a brain dysfunction)
2-or by distracting the immune system by the allergy and infection and inhibiting the inflammation because of the increasing immunoglobulin in the blood. (in case pois was immune).
I believe now if I can mimic the same circumstances i can get the same results:
-in case the effect was neurological, then I think we can mimic the brain inhibition and stimulation by trying both an antipsychotic (for inhibition) and an antidepressant (for stimulation), for this purpose I think the combination olanzapine/fluoxetine can do the work and worth trying.
-in case the effect was immune, then I think intravenous immunoglubolin (IVIG) or strong immunosurpressant can be used to inhibit the immune system. I don't recommend any of those options that are either expensive or have a nasty side effects. Semen desensitization would be the best option if pois proved to be immune.
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