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My new treatments for sleep and POIS prevention:
« on: November 07, 2021, 10:51:14 AM »
So y'all may know me from my diet that 100% prevents POIS. Thing is I still have incredible trouble sleeping if I have any additives or spices. My body is very sensitive to anything I put in it.  If I also have a lot of dairy I will experience POIS post ejac, same with some GF grains. Obviously I entirely avoid gluten for celiac-like concerns.

Well after 15 years i think I've found the solution to my own sleep troubles as I've been sleeping great for a month straight even while straying away from my diet and ejaculating. This is not to say that this will help you, etc., etc., but it has really really gotten me over the hump and the anxiety/fear of not sleeping and feeling like shit the entire next day or days. Just laying this down for documentation purposes and to possibly help somebody.

So since I'm ultra sensitive to the smallest amount of anything I'm wondering if it will affect any of you guys, mainly the first item.

My method:

Just for sleep:
- 1/16 teaspoon or less of fresh thyme leaves (literally a pinch)
- 1/2 mg to 3/4 mg melatonin in tablet form.

I find 1/2 mg works perfectly for me.

These are taken together

For sleep and POIS prevention:
- Both treatments above and
- 3 drops out of a 10mg liquid zyrtec capsule.

On days I ejac I will do the 2nd method. On days i eat bad i will do the first method. When I'm eating completely clean I will probably not take anything. Also, on days when I eat incredibly bad, such as take something that is one of my worst insomnia inducers (synthetic citric acid) I will contemplate on doing the second method, depends on how much CA I eat and how much I feel it. The synthetic citric acid is in processed foods. So there ya have it. Hope it helps somebody.
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My POIS managed with Diet (@ diet that 100% manages my pois)Believe my POIS stems from inflammation in the gut. O = neuro POIS from inflammation from the gut

Current supps: thyme and melatonin for sleep, zyrtec anti-pois.