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Hi, this may help many:

For many years, I thought that ejaculation-free sex and ejaculation-free masturbation were impossible for me. Maybe that's what you think of yourself also.

Later, I developed an ejaculation technique of masturbation that reduces POIS.

Later, I developed a technique of ejaculation-free sex and ejaculation-free masturbation.

Later, I developed how I can live a comfortable life without any sex and masturbation. (I only have sex after weeks, months, so that my partner is not neglected. I only masturbate after months when I feel inevitable (when something went wrong).

I plan to write about these things in the future at this forum.

In this book you can read about similar things:

The Multiple Orgasmic Man: Sexual Secrets Every Man Should Know
(..."Learn to separate orgasm and ejaculation! Enjoy increased vitality and longevity!"...)

This is hopeful for a POIS-free life!


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