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Did not give feedback for a long time, was in hospital in march for 4 days due to eating to much paprika in powder/spice, and i inflamed my pancreas, stomach and liver again. I did an endoscopy and long story short they found chronic erosive gastritis with micro bleedings, doctors also found acute inflamed pancreatitis and fatty liver,  was healing from march with gastritis diet and i feel better, here and there orgasms with improvement, but still had spikes of anxiety and depression, but only if i eat carbs.

Well recently i cut out all of the carbs and i feel amazing, but, i also eliminated carbs 2-3 years a go for test and i did not feel better, because it takes time for pancreas and liver to heal. Only when i'm really really hungry i eat bread but after 4-6 hours symptoms slowly coming back,  so carbs are obviously depleting some B vitamins, or pancreas has problems with amylase or liver can not replenish needed vitamins, or stomach is to sensitive for acidic foods, i am on ppi and i sense , if my stomach is better i have more energy.

Here and there i fuck up with nutella and kinder bueno, one or two days feeling like shit but symptoms goes away. Anyway it will be long journey to heal all that without carbs. 6 months to a year with strong diet with bland low acidic food. Doctor said that any sugar/alcohol/vinegar i take i will set my progress back. Anyway i'm really glad that i am on right track and i do not waste energy on searching what is wrong with me and spending a lot of money for supplements that did not work. Well, all that searching has led me to my diagnose, so it was not in vain.  So if you did not visited a gastroenterologist or had an endoscopy my advice is to do all that.

I am recently on Reddit r/Gastritis, and i found that many people there has the same Pois symptoms, too bad i did not suspect for gastritis 2-3 years a go when i started to had Pois symptoms.
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Re: Chronic erosive gastrititis with fatty liver and acute pancreatitits
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Hydrochloric acid is the most dangerous substance inside the body. What happens when that acid is no longer safely contained inside the the body? Heartburn? Yeah whatever.