Author Topic: Do you keep your Condition a secret from your loved one, friends and family ? ?  (Read 2717 times)

Bulls eye

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I myself cant find a way to inform them of my condition , probably because where i live people aren't open minded and somehow throw any bad thing that happens to you on your relation to god and that you must have made something that angered god and caused that ( when i talk to my family about how i'm having difficulty in concentrating )   , its so frustrating  .. no one knows what I'm going through people view me as lazy and spoiled ....


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Sometimes I tell my parents about this, as I feel that they are the most nearest to me. But as you already said, nobody understands it. You can only understand when you experience it.


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I told my two of my best friends (both girls). They don't know the extent other than it makes me sick, but it's more than sick. It makes me into a dull lifeform. When they hang out with me, I'm usually outgoing but some days, after I orgasm, nothingness in my head. I don't feel anything. It sucks.

My mom say my presciption for prostate disease. I just told her that it was for my urine infection. Prescription didn't work btw.