Author Topic: DAE used to think why others don't get NoFap "benefits" b4 discovering POIS?  (Read 483 times)


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Before I knew POIS is a thing I thought everyone feels more or less this way so I thought SR/NoFap was some secret I discovered that stops brainfog and gives all these "benefits"-little did I know though that others probably don't get impacted in same way by orgasm as I do nor that they get such "benefits" from it.

Because of it I was confused why more people don't do SR/NoFap when it makes one so energetic and so on thus I'd often observe how people in real life or on tv shows comprehend stuff fast and don't look as if they're brainfogged etc. so I thought they cope it with well or some might have abstained for a while so at that moment were without the symptoms.

Despite that obvious sign of like 99.9% everyone else not talking about SR/NoFap benefits or saying orgasm makes them get bad symptoms or otherwise seem as they got symptoms except ones on SR/NoFap subreddits despite it I still didn't fully realize it might not be how orgasm must make one feel I simply thought SR/NoFap practicers were aware of negative orgasm symptoms and benefits of abstinence and most people hadn't discovered it yet so I didn't understand why many make fun of SR/NoFap when I have always had these symptoms for specific amount of days after any orgasm I even shilled for SR/NoFap alot as I genuinely thought most weren't aware of "benefits" it gives and once they'd do it they'd see the "benefits" when probably they didn't have such symptoms or improvements from abstinence which is why not many understood the shilling of it.

It took combo of repeated nocturnal emissions keeping me in chronic POIS state during abstinence streak and thinking more about why others don't display signs of brainfog etc. when most people probably don't abstain for long periods of time which'd mean most don't need to abstain to get rid of these symptoms-then it clicked that POIS might actually not be the norm (I knew of it for while then but still thought most simply don't know that SR/NoFap gives such "benefits"). When I made my 1st post here and read/talked more here and on POISCenter eventually I realized it's not how one is supposed to feel and that it must be fixed.