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I feel a little better
« on: October 04, 2020, 02:03:25 PM »
So, since i posted my Testostern and vitamin d results in the specific topic i started to take Vitamin D (because i was defficient)22,4 and Testosteron gel 20 mg/day for about a week ( i stopped because i was afraid =)) that sth will happen ) [i had 3,70 ng/ml]

My symptoms were everything related to cognition,dizziness and the blurred vision(tensiona round the eye)thing anxiety,depession.

Now after like 3 weeks, i've no ideea exactly how much time  has past since i go the results  my symptoms are not as bad,i'm not as dizzy and i don't feel my brain as blocked(piracetam  may play a role here tho) i'm also taking lecithin and piracetam [1,6g/2,4 g/3,2 g]/day and 1200 mg lecithin.Piracetam and Lecithin i took years back but besides piracetam helping with focus (since it causes me having adhd like symptoms i can't focus on one thing at all,my mind jumps in 3-5 different direction ,didn't really help).One strange thing that i noticed tho is that if i have orgasm and take piracetam i have dyspahgia,i cant' really feel my neck for around 6 hours then it starts getting increasingly better.I stopped for a few days from using the gel but i'll start again for a few days.Thank you for reading this