Author Topic: Ways/poses/techniques of stimulation/achieving orgasm that give less symptoms?  (Read 411 times)


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I read a thread here in which "Pumping glands" got mentioned which a forum user had read of on the Russian forum. So I wonder does anyone know any other poses or techniques during stimulation that make one get no or less POIS symptoms after an orgasm?

Has anyone ever had fewer symptoms when for example masturbating and orgasming in a specific pose or with a specific type of stimulation or by achieving a specific amount of arousal/stimulation before orgasming and so on?

If anyone knows any such technique that stops or gives less POIS symptom post-orgasm or even if done once already in POIS state that has worked for you or someone else then please tell about it.


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Castor oil packs help improve lymphatic flow and ciruclation and also detoxify - do this before or after


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Position - with a booster under hips , and consciously making and effort to mobilise hips at same time a lot - this position for solo work , seems to have reduced massively - only tried once though