Author Topic: List of triggers prototype (need advice, suggestions and help)  (Read 1517 times)


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List of triggers prototype (need advice, suggestions and help)
« on: December 27, 2019, 12:49:58 PM »
I'm creating a list of all possible triggers. I will be using this list for multiple polls. It's not complete and it might be better to merge some of the entries or split them up. Not sure how to shape it exactly and categorize it properly. Advice and suggestions are more than welcome on how to categorize, re-organize and add missing triggers.  This thread will be deleted once the list has been finalized and will be incorporated into multiple polls.

Sudden temperature changes
High environmental temperature extremes
Low environmental temperature extremes
Shower in general
Shower specific hot
Shower specific cold
Stress in general
Stress specific (physical, pain, tension)
Stress specific (emotional, psychological, Social anxiety, Nervous excitement)
Stress specific (trauma, accident, surgery)
Physical inactivity
Fatigue (physical)
Fatigue (mental)
Mental activity
Food in general (as in type of food)
Food (amount of food or structure as in digestion issues, large meals)
Food (high glycemic, sugar)
Beverages (incl. alcohol)
Drugs/medicine (NSIADs, opioids, contrast dyes, antibiotics)
Odors/scents (natural odors, chemical odors, perfumes, food scents)
Venoms (insect stings and bites)
Infections (Viral, bacterial, fungal)
Light in general
Electromagnetic radiation (excluding UV and the visible spectrum, infrared, radiowaves)
Pressure (mechanical, perpendicular forces applied to body, Occlusive dressings)
Friction (Parallel forces applied to body, scratching, shaving, rubbing, ingesting dry and hard food)
Vibration (mechanical, including sound)
Air pressure (environmental as in gas pressure, weather)
Humidity/moisture (weather, indoor horticulture, bathroom)
Sweat (own body sweat)
Hygiene (bad body hygiene or environmental)
Water??? (ingestion, under beverages??, contact)
Prolonged static posture
Prolonged talking/discussing
Allergens in general
Airborn allergens (pollen)
Smoke (cigarette, wood burning, marihuana, exhaust)
Preservatives and dyes
Cleaning agents
Body care products (shampoo, hair spray, cosmetics, soap)
Circadian rhythms (day-night rhythm)
Seasons (seasonal changes)
Sleep deprivation
Air pollutants (smog, respirable fine dust)
Dust (house dust)
Fillings (dental or include into heavy metals?)
Heavy metals (Aluminum, mercury etc.)
Vaious solid state Materials (as in contact triggers, Latex, Rubber, plastics, wool etc)
Lack of social interaction
PH levels (acidity, food or body care products)
Watching TV, Iphone and tablet screens (not light related)
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Re: List of triggers prototype (need advice, suggestions and help)
« Reply #1 on: April 02, 2022, 04:17:56 PM »
My other triggers are reading and sitting.