Author Topic: No orgasms at all can be dangerous, depending on your individual health specs  (Read 2078 times)


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While I use to not O for a year at a time, as Ive gotten into my later 30s and early 40s, this is what I have noticed:

After 2 weeks of no O, all the muscles in my body begin to increase in spasticity; slight tension begins to build. With all my muscles continually being in a state of slight tension, when I exercise I can pull a muscle or a cramp much easier. Not a big deal. However, my sleep meds begin having no effect. At 6 weeks, the insomnia begins to overpower any of my sleep meds and I simply cannot sleep; inability to sleep due to spasticity (slightly tense all the time).

Current regimen is to at that point empty prostrate (twice to ensure full emptying) and suffer POIS for a week. Then 3-4 weeks of everything A-OK, then tension begins building, and the cycle repeats.

The biological changes from an O (the relaxing affect it has on the musculatory and central nervous system) is why doctors typically say to have sex regularly to maintain optimal health.

I've tried going a few years with almost no O's, but unfortunately my insomnia gets way out of hand (up to 60 hour awake cycles), so Ive switched to an O a month for the otherwise health benefits of the O (like being able to sleep), even though NOBODY LIKES A WEEK OF SEMI-DEMENTIA LOL.

While Ive expressed the benefits of going hard core and no O's ever, apparently in THIS male body, as age ticks away, it's become apparent that thats not going to work.

If you have high blood pressure (O's lower blood pressure), or insomnia, or risk of heart attack, I would advise suffering an O every once in awhile. I think the POIS suffrage, if you can manage it, is still worth the other benefits that come from an O.


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**** this disease ban warning - language, please
I have alot of these symptoms as far i can remember, around 19 or 20 i get full blown Pois. My health went completely downwards after i received a meningococcus vaccine, i felt like complete **** after that, most doctors suspected vaccines because they  can **** up your vagus nerve

O or no O you will still feel like ****eventually.

Masturbation without O or with O with or without porn looking at woman who are trash or not, you like or don't its all the same .

Yes you get depressed without O...there is no win win

Doctors can **** me...they alot of them say dumb ****, like saying hypoglycemia is psychological for example
If those doctors had POIS they wouldn't even be a doctor and if they would be one they would promote having no O ever.
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