Author Topic: How can I get my psychiatrist to prescribe me xanax and adderall?  (Read 6404 times)

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I already asked for xanax and he didn't want to give me any since he said clonazepam seems to be working for me. Maybe I'll just stick with clonazepam, but I really think xanax would work better. I haven't asked him about Adderall yet, but he gave me a question sheet for adult ADHD to fill out so hopefully I'll get the diagnosis next visit which will be my third time seeing him total. Right now all he seems interested in doing is having me try every single antidepressant in existance even though I already know they only cause me misery (weakness, exhaustion, hairloss, etc.)

Anyone have any ideas? Should I just wait until he's seen me a few more times and knows me better before I put the pressure on him to give me xanax and adderall or am I just wasting my time and money? I'm pretty desperate because I absolutely NEED at least clonazepam to get another job and I'm not sure if he's even willing to prescribe me as much of it as I need, which is about 6mg a week.

I'm responsible about taking potentially addictive substances such as these and only use them when I have no choice.
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Re: How can I get my psychiatrist to prescribe me xanax and adderall?
« Reply #1 on: August 10, 2014, 11:16:03 PM »
I was prescribed aderall, i didnt even want it, by doing that questitonaire  and also taking an  intelligence test  that takes hours. The pscychologist's  conclusion  of my mental state which she use the intelligence test to reach accurately described pois.  I took the test in full blown pois and did not try to fight pois. I bombed the basic math part, memory and a group of questions that asked to figure what is odd in a picture.
I will ask to take the intelligence test, and take the test in pois state.


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Re: How can I get my psychiatrist to prescribe me xanax and adderall?
« Reply #2 on: August 13, 2014, 09:10:35 PM »
you dont f@#$ with xanax. thats all there is. thats a chemical that shouldnt be used by anyone for anything, i dont care who they are. i have SO many first hand stories of how it screws up ones reasoning and causes far more problems than it helps.

adderrall? meh. drink a Monster Java and you will get about the same effect, just shorter duration