Author Topic: What is your recipe for orgasm and NE?  (Read 2740 times)


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What is your recipe for orgasm and NE?
« on: January 03, 2012, 04:49:31 PM »
Hey guys, I have every kind of symptom there is as most of you have read. I'm posting this to share what I take daily and after activities, and if we all do this we can probably help eachother.

- I take a GNC megamen sport multivitamin every other day in the morning.. It seems to help with energy and alertness. (would take every day but I don't want to build a tolerance)
- Fish oil daily.. Helps overall health

For orgasm:
- About 200 mg Niacin before to get a good flush.. About 50% better than taking nothing but still many symptoms

For Nocturnal Emissions
- Not sure if its helping but I take about 150 mg Niacin afterwards as well as a garlic capsule and little fenugreek

I have just ordered a few products such as VMA, chlorella, and folic acid. I will keep everyone updated.
If everyone can post what they are taking, how much, and when they take it I think we can all benefit from eachother. We are all looking to find optimum ingredients for our situations so lets help eachother do that.
My cognitive symptoms started suddenly during an orgasm when I was 16. I then developed my POIS and cognitive/physical symptoms became very severe. Had to leave work and school. This year I had 60% success with regimen. Recently the symptoms have gotten worse again. Let's help each other.


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Re: What is your recipe for orgasm and NE?
« Reply #1 on: January 29, 2012, 08:10:55 PM »
Im in the process of taking Fenugreek 610mg capsules.. Nothing positive so far, however I've only taken 2 doses.
Niacin 200mg after an O also did not have much effect on me.

I want to know how much Fish oil helps with symptoms., sounds pretty interesting.
Also folic acid.

Apparantley Niacinamide has an affect when taken after O but I have yet to try it.

Post in here what you find out, I love hearing others responses and reactions, it helps us come a little closer to finding more temporary ailments