Author Topic: Stem cell therapy, only legal in panama, here is the info and interview  (Read 3557 times)


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This is the clinic in Panama with the most effective stem cell therapy on the planet.

 If you want to save your loved one from dying from majority of conditions, like organ (kidney, heart, liver) failure, got to send them to Panama where the best stem cell therapy is completely legal. IT IS ILLEGAL IN THE U.S. Mel Gibsons dad was two weeks from dying at age of 92, went and got this treatment repairing multiple organs and joints (including prolapsed heart valve), and is now still alive at 100.

if you want to save your loved one from dying, or want to repair their joints, back, hips, failing organs, etc, MS even, so many different debilitating and mortal conditions, contact the clinic in Panama that can save them

here is the mel gibson interview on this therapy and why the u.s. is such a shithole country in denying its own people the most effective medicine in human history.

might be some potential to treating POIS. in the interview they specifically mention some info on cytokines.