Author Topic: for those who suffer from caffeine crash, I did something that worked for me.  (Read 780 times)


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so as anybody who addicted to coffee, I used to drink a black coffee everyday in the morning to "boost my energy" and do multiple tasks, everything was good until I started to feel POIS symptoms, somehow at the same time I also started to get caffeine crashes. Basically after I drink my cup of coffee I slowly started to get more dizzy and barely able to function, so I stopped taking anything with a caffeine(the same effects I had with power drinks, that's why I'm sure It's from the caffeine). I was surprised when I noticed some members in this forum had a similar effect, so I decided to share what I did for this condition. I decided to only drink coffee when I need it, to be specific, I decided to only drink any caffeine drink "after 12 hours or above" since the hour I woke up during that day. So let's say I woke up today at 7am, I will only start to drink coffee after 7pm. What I believe is that my body doesn't accept any caffeine unless I really get exhausted. And what do you know, It worked. No more caffeine crashes. And here is the good news, It worked incredibly that I even forgot I have pois, the effect I get from a 13oz black coffee was much better than from the same cup before POIS.

I don't really know how did I even got Inspired by the idea but It worked and I rely on it at important obligation days  ;D.

for those who also have caffeine crashes please try this method and reply with your result.
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