Author Topic: With effective treatment, it's still not good for me to ejaculate everyday  (Read 2070 times)


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Hello, everyone.

I started taking Claritin a year ago, and fortunately, it works for me. However, I find that it doesn't mean that I can ejaculate whenever I want. First, it's better for me to ejaculate before sleep, as I will be a bit uncomfortable later that day if I ejaculate in the morning. Next, I am 90-95% symptom-free the next day if I had taken Claritin before I ejaculated the previous night. However, if I ejaculate (having taken Claritin in advance) the second day, moderate symptoms will appear on the third day.

Therefore, I am now masturbating every two days, so as to avoid such scenario. Does anybody have similar experience as I do? i.e. can't ejaculate every single day despite your treatments work for you?
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Re: With effective treatment, it's still not good for me to ejaculate everyday
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It is still very good as a result, my own method allow me no more than one to two ejaculation a week, and I really do prefer only one or less a week.   

More than two a week, and I will have symptoms for sure, even if I have a good method for controlling and preventing my symptoms.
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