inflammation ?

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Author Topic: the link between nicotin, coffee, hot shower, oliv oil, vitamin c  (Read 2892 times)


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i think there s a local infllammation

these things are bad because inflammatory :

the nicotin,
 it s not only about excited the x nerve
but it salso  inflammatory

the hot shower
many of us are sick after a shower (me, not anymore )
yes, it depends about your food !!!!!
added sugar, satured fats, omega 6 fats
are also inflammatory and after a shower you re sick !!!

too hot drink like coffee, tea, chocolate and sick

What s good for a poiser

Some guys have good results with oil of oliv, leaf of oliv, kiril oil, vitamin C

i have some results with a hot shower, now,  because of the food (lss omega 6, no satured fats, no added sugar)

Why the coffee can help us

coffee not too hot helps me.
 It s also an anti inflammatory
And if it touchs the x nerve inside the mouth the symptoms are less
it s not easy, but it s working !!!
i thinck it slow down the x nerve or the inflammation.

Each winter,

i have the flu, and it s worse each years
even the last winter very sweet in france
i was pretty bad sick

my doctor told me it s an inflammation

i past test blood no generalized inflammation

so is it a x nerve's inflammation ?
36 years old, very strong physical symptoms past my 33 years,
symp psycho, neuro and physical