Author Topic: how to take niacin for my symptoms  (Read 1695 times)


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how to take niacin for my symptoms
« on: September 12, 2014, 08:36:56 AM »
I take niacin in the morning on empty stomach,that s reduced my symptoms with 50% but i take only 70 80 mg because i have a strong alergic reaction at doses of 100 mg.I want to know the best ides about how to take niacin to reduce more the symptoms.If you know write please,im new here and im very happy that i found  this forum. POIS strikes me without murcy at age of 16.My life at school was totaly ruined.The psihical symptoms where a nightmare and because of the sympthoms i have now to suffer diferent healty problems like psihogenic otalgia,the pain ears appeard when i start to felling the heavy had after every nocturnal ejaculation.I become izolated ,so i stayd a lot at computer like a stupid knowing that my eyes are weaknes because of the last ejaculation and today i can t stay more that 3 5 minutes at pc without have heavy pain head and dry eyes.At age of 16 i have the most big number of ejaculations night feeling like will never stop. Much more storyes about how orgasms make my life a hell i don t want to say now. I bought a big doze of niacin so i want some good tips to use it please,i will apreciate a lot.