Author Topic: why elimination diet relieve symptoms ?  (Read 1935 times)


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why elimination diet relieve symptoms ?
« on: August 14, 2014, 02:07:18 PM »
hello guys i used to get symptoms of pois for 7 days severe enough to disturb daily functions , but i noticed that by following elimination diet in which grains, nuts and legumes are removed;  the symptoms of POIS are reduced by 50 % "but they are not cured , any ideas why is that ? and is it a manifestation of pois or it is just a grain sensitivty cause i doubt grains sensitivity is inducer of my POIS  . i feel grains has a role  to play in that , i tried to ingest sago seeds which are pure carbs "no proteins means no chance of allergy " but i find it make pois worse and disturb my sleep , i dont get enough sleep at night after ingestion of carbs 5 hours maximum full of vivid dreams .

i have read about some thing called "brain allergy" and i found that it's manifestation are similar to  POIS (nightmares , depression,agitation, fatigue attacks )
when i gave up grains and legumes i felt refreshed more and more mentally clear and a better mood but the negative side regarding that diet is starvation. Because vegtables fruits and meat dont satisfy my hunger  , am confused with what am having is it POIS or grain sensitivity or it is just carbs or starches that make pois worse !!!!

i also get facial changes while under POIS and i wanna make sure that am not the only one suffering from that , black haloes under the eye "allergic shiners " with disturbed facial features "looks angry
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