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The Daily Grind
« on: July 30, 2014, 05:37:58 PM »
For me- Running or cardio-exercise is a must to reduce inflammation, balance mental symptoms and work off my negative energy and a positive way.
If this is helpful, then great. If you cannot run, I suggest you go for long walks; it helps.
If you don't have time, you should strongly consider making time for cardio.
It helps symptoms tremendously and is my niacin.

Here is my routine:

1) Wake up and make a good, large, healthy breakfast w/ green veggies, eggs, quinoa, onions and peppers (the list goes on).
   a) bottom like is healthy, high niacin foods.
   b) with cranberry juice or oj

2) Ice my butt and perineum while eating to reduce over-night inflammation (Ice-pad, not a pack)

3)  Wait about a half an hour, while stretching and listening to some of my fav music.
    a) Make sure you wear proper athletic attire weather provided
    b) Tighter athletic supports are a must which will keep your kibbles and bits from getting stimulated w/ passing sexual thoughts. (comfy though!)

4) Immediately before running I eat about a teaspoon of peanut-butter and glass of juice, then water to calm the stomach.
    a) This serve the purpose of creating a mini-flush you may not even be aware of while cooling down (by that time the peanut butter, high in protein amino-acids and niacin fully metabolizes)
    b) Also, sugary healthy juice will give you an energy boost for your run.

5) Walk half a mile to slowly warm up and be mindful.

6) Stretch again, right after the warm up and before the run.

7) Run!
   a) go slow and steady, because you will become inflamed during the run, but it is worth it, trust me.
   b) try to keep the same, if not a very similar pace during the whole run.
   c) go 1-3miles and start toward the 1!
   d) cool down for 2/10 to a half a mi
   e) breath steady and easy (do not exhaust yourself or you will waste your time!) Go according to fitness level and ability.
   f) take in the sights, sounds and feel of the environment. (listen to cars or birds..)
   g) express your weirdest POIS thoughts while running but be mindful (go with what your body feels, but do not get hyper w/ your motions)
8) Make sure your have water or oj and a comfy place to sit and zone out after you run for positive reinforcement.
   a) i like to munch on peanuts too..
   b) space out! ( think of nothing and just flow- easing your mind and body w/ easy steady breathing)

9) Stretch immediatly if you can. Or if its too much at first just sit and do it after you sit.
   a) remember to breath while you stretch and feel the good soreness pain. 

10) Go lay down and practice breathing exercises after sitting
   a) If you fall asleep that's fine just 20-30 min
   b) you may feel more relaxed than you ever do at this pt which is good. Let it be.

11) As you come out of this state over the nxt two hrs (runners high will pass) expect a dip in mood and feeling; yet it will improve your day if you run consistently (4-6times per wk)

12) Go ice again or if you have a pool get in and ground yourself while reading or just enjoying nature and pontificating to yourself. ;)

13) Take about five mins before you take a short or long shower. Whatever feels right.

14) Eat! A lot, but not too much and very healthy again..
      a) I prep all of my own food which is fresh (I would implore you to do the same to get the same benefit)

15) Get on w/ your day and look forward to planning your nxt run and doing it.

16) Do not masturbate or have sex right after so you can get the full benefit.
   a) after about two wks you can have sex like 2hrs after doing so so you don't exhaust yourself.
   b) i have even had sex before and planned lighter exercise than normal. You will build up to this the better shape your in the less your POIS symptoms bother you.

You may notice positive changes it every POIS symptom if you do this.

That's all for now. I may add to list in the future and am open to suggestions. That is basic breakdown though. If I remember anything on my run tomorrow I will post it.

Remember, this doesn't have to be a run if you cannot, it can be a walk but try everything else modified for you.

But, during this time whenever it is (better in the morning) do not worry about time, so give yourself as much as you need.

Happy Trails



28 yo M- POIS for 16yrs (since age 12). Chronic POIS- always there

Tried desensitization for 1.5yrs & was unsuccessful (POIS worse at 1/1000)

 Exercising- (running/light weights/situps/yoga) Ice my perineum. Gluten-free. Supplements- limited success.Meds- Oxcarbazepine/Buspar (past-Depakote10yrs)