Author Topic: POIS doesn't feel like sth is drained, but more like sth is excessively released  (Read 1523 times)


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 I 've read in many posts here in this forum, that POIS is caused because some hormone, chemical substance, neurotransmitter etc. is drained, and the brain can't function well, resulting in causing all of this symptoms.
 For me though, it doesn't feel like something is drained, but more like a feeling that some hormone, chemical substance, neurotransmitter etc. is excessively released into the brain causing all of our symptoms.
 The question for me is, which substance is the cause of this reaction and why.
(Note that it may be a combination of substances and not only one responsible)

Please, share your thoughts and express your opinions.


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I'm a fan of the excessively released substance hypothesis. to me, It makes more sense. My body goes crazy after-orgasm. I feel more hostile, angry, full of psychological urge to fight and get engaged in challenges, Social anxious...etc Not to mention the cardiac changes, my heart beats get so strong that I feel my heart will Jump out of my chest. then my mood swings 180 degree! I get depressed fiinding no pleasure in life and believe life is not worth all worries.

I hope the research finds an answer!
POIS is my worst enemy