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somes thougts
« on: May 01, 2014, 11:26:24 AM »
hello i'm new to this forum, and i woud'like to thank you for all you have done.

first of all, you will have to escuse my poor english. I'm not a native speaker, i live in France, PAris, more exactly, like some in the forum i saw, and  study the law.
Studied more exactly, b?cause i have been stoped in my cursus by this strange syndrome. Like many else here, the discover of this forum was a sort of miracle for me. Meanwhile, the lake of persective of cure is a little hard to sustain.

here somme thoughs in disorder, feel free to respond at what is speaking to you. certains are questions, others are just testimony, or remarks.

I develloped, i guess b?cause of the pois in somme sort of inconscient, a stong hypertonie of the spincther... am i the only one ? 

i test niancin, but if the first try seems to be a miracle to me, i'm not use it anymore b?cause i start to feel a decrease of the effect, and even a little drunkenness (which scare me a little)

i follow, after the discover of this forum, the normal road of the m?decine. I believe in yours testimonys, but i think i had to test everything capable of give me some reliefs. my neurologist diagnostic some migrains, and don't want to hear about the Pois syndrom. do you know an examen ( i did an IRM, all seems to be normal) which can revele the presure that we feel in ours brains? I have nothing to ''proove'' my, our, syndrome, and it's there a big part of the difficulty. By the way it's seems to be more something like     cephalgia than migraine... exepct that the orgeasm (and i'm case strong exitation too) is the only trigger of the cephalgia.  Have you test some m?decine which work against cephalgia ? for waht results?

I'm a huge fan of basket. Before the law, I planed to be a basket ball player... it's make more difficult to endure the d?crease of reflexe and energie caused by Pois. I can be a top player one day, and b?came very average the day after. whitout good explication to give at the trainer...

 i discover the ginkgo, wich seems to increase the flux of the blood in the brain... did some one test it?

my symptom are harder and harder. I mean 1 weak is no more enough for me to feel free. did you notice a same d?gradation?

I stoped a little my studies, but i don't stop to read (or to listen, b?cause is vey ofen too hard for me to read ). I discover Nietzsche by this way, who had very strong cephalgia. He dealed all is life whith that.But he finished by thanks his disaese. Indeed it allowed him to experiment the stong life, like the weak one, the depression like the full willing of life. It allows him to construtc his philosphy around this expirimentation, and it was a chok to me to realy see ''thanks to pois'' his point of view.

sorry again for my poor english, i tried to erase the maximum of the mistake, but i'm not praticing every day ( this forum is may be a way to )


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Re: somes thougts
« Reply #1 on: May 01, 2014, 12:50:03 PM »
Hey abscons! Welcome to the POIS club (sadly!). You're right, there are POISers from France, like Lapoisse and a few others. And don't worry about your english, it's fine and way better than my french is. I take ginkgo once in a while, but it doesn't do much for my symptoms. I hope you're comforted by knowing you're not alone, and if you have any questions, someone will be sure to answer them for you! - ryan