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Re: has anybody heard about the sibo theory
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i did but in never stuck with it. let us know how it goes for you.


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Re: has anybody heard about the sibo theory
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Hello everyone,
I tried pancreatic enzymes for POIS, i want to share my experience. Unfortunately, enzymes didnt help me, i used it for 1.5 months. Initially for 2 days, all my non pois brain fog was lifted, but later the effect disappeared and the enzymes didnt do any good for POIS as well as non pois brain fog


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Re: has anybody heard about the sibo theory
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I quote.

But what does he propose in short? I've read a few of his posts. He states POIS is a permanent condition. Actually he claims POIS doesn't even exist but we suffer from a systemic mineral imbalance. And we need to do an hair test (easy to do.. NOT) and send him the result to get the formula of mineral supplements to take in order to restore the balance. Orgasm just worsen the situation. Right? But if he explained it I have missed it, because he's not really clear or at least convincing enough on why orgasm does make things critical apart from being stressful for the body. Like those with CFS are one step below us. We are in the same situation but slightly better. GREAT!
And what about all those people who treated the orgasm itself and underwent desensitization with "good" results. Like egordon or vandemolen and many other. Or Demo which is on TRT. Or our almost British hero ;D (Dave) who prevents POIS with viagra righ BEFORE sex. They were all pretty much focused on the orgasm, the trigger. Actually TRT is quite systemic. As far as I know T forms from cholesterol, without it maybe from a malabsorption of fat, there's no testosterone. This is the only case in which it could be linked to Herman's theory. And as I'm saying this I did get some relief from his advised supplements like wobenzyme and betaine HCl.

Let's say he's right with everything, why talking about these things with doctors make them laugh. I told two doctors about the hair test and both replied "why the hell would you do that?"
Why do we have to struggle so much? Why do we have to improvise with our health? I mean, if a doctor is wrong he bases his opinion with a lot more information than us. A LOT more. Right?
I find extremely disappointing talking with them. So are they all stupid? I spent quite a lot of money with this private gastroenterologist, he doesn't believe in SIBO first of all. I didn't even bother mentioning POIS.  I did actually vaguely say that symptoms were worse after orgasm, he said it's impossible and all that good stuff. I tried to pilot the diagnosis to the malabsorption theory but all the exams and markers that would demonstrate any  malabsorption are not showing anything.

I could be wrong on everything I said till now. But this POIS is really pissing me off... Especially with the research which struggles to start and who knows when it will end and with what results.
I have the feeling there's a lot misunderstanding between causes and symptoms. What came first, the chicken or the egg??? Is POIS caused by malabsorption or is malabsorption caused by POIS?

Sorry for being such a douche BUT I need to let off the steam, BTW as I write this I'm not on POIS. Whatever POIS means.
I'd like to open a healthy debate here.
Please POISers of the world unite...

I just got result for sibo test, it was negaitve. I am not surprise since i did not have the symptoms of sibo.
I also checked h-pylori and that was positive.  I get bad acid reflux during my sleep so that result is no surprise. 
I dont think h-pylori has anything to do with pois but i will use the medicine and see if anything changes.

Maybe there a link, like for SIBO, H-pyroli cause malabsorbtion especially of B12 which is known to be essential for mental health.

Herman(the russian guy) is very arrogant, overconfident about his medical ability and has a real problem with its ego...but believe me,  he is really not stupid a know a lot about all this.

I've had the confirmation that several people got real reliefs following his advices

By the way, kurtosis has been treated for SIBO and is cured know ; It's been almost a year that is has no POIS

The following is what  he proposes, I don't have the medical ability to judge it but I verified pretty much each point and in general it makes sense ; Besides, and regarding conversation I've had with different members(not here anymore because feel a lot better), I'm highly confident in the fact that healing our digestive system will fix our problem which fit to Herman theory.

SIBO is  never cured by antibiotics.  It comes back  99.99% of the time as  you can see this by millions of people  on  SIBO forums.. Improvement lasts  from 3-6 months at most.  If  body chemistry is not changed and  enzymes activation and  protein  synthesis is not  built up, namely  bioavailable copper as in ceruloplasmin  alkalinity  is never achieved in the small  intestines and  friendly bacteria and candida  overgrows there. Just cleaning it out  is  one step of the problem.  Mucus  build up  causes  acidity to prevail in the small intestine thus    the goal is  to eliminate all mucus forming  substances like milk and   dissolve  mucus using okra pepsin.

Fats and oils are good, but  should be used according to your metabolism,  if someone has a slow thyroid   and that someone  increases  fats and oils., that someone will crash

Liver flushes  achieve pretty much  as good of a job as  antibiotics  for small intestines , only without  harming   large intestine.( this is what  NATHAN  did)   Bile is very  alkaline and  when it goes down  small intestines  it  makes it more alkaline. If there is   too much  mucus, nothing will help    and antibiotics will  fail also,  since  mucus is very acidic and SIBO will come back  very very fast.

The main problem for SIBO is lack of HCL and lack of pancreatic enzymes.  If that is increased  the  probability of  keeping   friendly flora in  check  goes up, since  pancreas react to  HCL secretion by  secreting   bicarbonate .
There is a good  product called bicarb- balance  by alkalife which is  enteric  coated  bicarbonate and enteric  coated  peppermint oil .Could be used for  some body with   SIBO problems.

AS for POIS, I  posted  a complete explanation on the russian forum  about  POIS , its roots and  means to fight it.
I dont have much time or  desire to post much here but I will   outline  what is posted  there. Here is the  outline of what  happens with POIS   CFS   VVD   etc.

1) Stress ,  alcohol   ,overmasturbation ,  heavy metals toxicities, minerals deficiencies  cause  systemic protein  deficiencies and  pancreatic  insufficiency.  This leads  to  low levels of all amino acids since dietary protein  is not being able to  be broken down   in your small intestine and stomach due to low  levels of HCL  and  pancreatic enzymes.
2)  low amino acids  lead to  low  systemic protein   and also  low HCL, so this is  vicous cycle.
3) Metalothionein  and  gluthatione  obviously  go down  since amino acids are down,  you become toxic in metals and viruses and toxins.
4)  low gluthatione  increases  inflammation  which   effects   tryptophan  break down  by  IDO  enzyme.
Niacin and nicotinamide  decrease IDO activivy  that is why it works for POIS.

Solutions  for POIS;

1)  HCL for the stomach 
2) enzymes wth  every food,  including  trypsin   chymotrypsin to break down  proteins. ( wobenzym ,  BIO ZYME)
3) ESSENTIAL AMINO ACIDS   in free form,  patches or  predigested  ( Platinum essential  amino acids,    amino acids patches from age force)
this way you  restore amino acids and  your systemic protein  can be made ( ceruloplasmin ,  ferritin ,  gluthatione ,  metalothionien etc)
4)  increase  cofactors for gluthatione and  metalothionein(    glutamine,  cysteine,  selenium , zinc   histidine  tryptophan  glycine)    so your body can  detoxify  heavy metals and toxins.
5)  DO hair analisys and  get on nutritional balancing  to  fix your own   enzyme system and see which cofactors  you  are missing like manganese or zinc or copper. If you dont do this,   you can take a multivitamin  SOLGAR 2000  to support  present  protein  synthesys but  the mnute you go off amino acids, you will crash, since your own protein  synthesys wont be there,  since you did not  deal with   body  chemisty you just bypassed  enzymes.
6)  increase Selenium  intake
7) Fish  oils  or lecitin and  peppermint oil  in  enteric  capsules
8) carnosine 500 mg a day , for  heavy metal detox and   mast cell stabilization  while  detoxing. Plus  it will increase histidine stores in the body.
9)  tryptophan  at night 500mg
10) Okra pepsin  to  dissolve mucus in your small intestine. You can flush it out with psyllium husk or oxy powder.


1)EGG whites  16 a day  preferably  raw,( make sure you  heat them up to deactivate avidin)     completely  supports  gluthatione. If you have histamine  reaction to this,  add 100mcg molybdenum. But if you are taking carnosine you wont have any food reactions even if you had them before
2)bananas  as many as you can eat,  increases  tryptofan .
3) Brazil nuts  3 a day
Stay away from  meat.
No milk or sugars


coffee enemas daily
liver flush  every 2 weeks.

POIS  symptoms  are caused  by  degradation of tryptophan by IDO and   copper zinc balance is crucial  in this  enzyme.

Tryptophan degradation  is increased in viral infections during stress , cancer,  inflammation. STOP LOOKING FOR VIRUSES and all kind of separate deseases. It wont help...LYME  HERPES  CANCER all cause gluthatione to be mobilized,  and   you have to support  gluthatione  and  feed  oils to fight the virus.  S EX uses up  selenium and zinc  , which are  part of gluthatione synthesis,  this is why you crash..You are infected and  you are working overtime to detox, but    you  by  having sex   are taking away  mainly selenium and zinc from   detoxification.
Acetylcholine problems are  related to  managnese deficiency  and  as Kurtosis mentioned  lipid  metabolism problems.

But all of this will go away, if you restore your   protein  metabolism and thus   restore your pacnreatic enzymes.

All this  SIBO  cures,  panchakrama  VVD treatments,  they dont deal with the  cause of all of this...  And it will all go away   as soon as you get aminos in and  balance body chemistry. NEVER take antibiotics.

For instance  sibo goes away  on carnosine zinc really fast.  Histamine  intolerance  goes down on  histdine

POIS  CFS and VVD risk groups;

1) Ebstein bar , herpes Lуme   CMV people,   since that mobilized gluthatione and all its  precursors leading to  induction of IDO. It is  impossible to kill these viruses without changing body chemistry. DONT EVEN TRY--- it is waste of your time.
2) Bodybuilders  ------   they have low  levels of amino acids, or taking wrong amino acid complexes with limiting amino acids.
3) Marijuanna smokers-------cadmium in  marijuana   antagonizes selenium and zinc like crazy .  Gluthatione goes way down , which induces  IDO
4)  Overmasturbation  leading to low zinc and especially  selenium levels, and  also  high histamine use on arousal,  which lead to histidine deficiency, and histidine zinc and B6  make HCL, no HCL no  bicarbonate, and no  enzyme activation in the small  intestines leads to  low levels of amino acids which leads to  inflammation  and  IDO induction

5) people taking supplements , multivitamins  ----  without amino acids , there are no carrying systemic proteins in  body and all you do with your supplements is make yourself  even more toxic in free unbound metals, which will  mobilze gluthatione and metallothionein  again  and  will cause POIS.

Does enyone of you folow this protocol suscesifuly?

I allway wonder this- why the fuxk our body cant balance it self if we giwe him all needed nutrient?

Why the fuxk we our body cant go in homeostasis like it should be?

I know doesnts of people who can do maraton of sex and alchol for almout all they lifes and they recower from that wery fast and all of them are helty as hell.

They hawe enzyms from mars and ours are from venus???
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Re: has anybody heard about the sibo theory
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They have enzymes from mars and ours are from venus???

10 years of significant POIS-reduction, treatment consisting of daily (365 days/year) testosterone patches.

TRT must be checked out carefully with your doctor due to fertility, cardiac and other risks.

40+ years of severe 4-days-POIS, married, raised a family, started/ran a business


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Re: has anybody heard about the sibo theory
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Up this thread.

I was not convinced by SIBO theory. I just read some testimonies. Amazing.It's absolutely clear SIBO theory is very possible to explain my problem of diarheas after sugar intake, gas and abdominal pains...
Taurine = Anti-Pois
Suffering from lyme disease


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Re: has anybody heard about the sibo theory
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You can find out by doing a clinical trial with breath tests.
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Mr Raba

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Re: has anybody heard about the sibo theory
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Updates on this SIBO thread please.  It looked so promising.  Specially given John21 recent several months POIS symptom free from SIBO treatment. This thread goes deeper and Lapoisse explanation is consistent with several findings self discovered.
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Simultaneous onset of CFS and POIS since Feb 1993. Married since 1989.

Helped by Immunocal (I explained how to take in previous posts).  Some relief on day one and day two.  It affects neurotransmitters.


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Re: has anybody heard about the sibo theory
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I think Sibo, or more appropriately, 'Intestinal permeability', is the mother of all diseases, and could very possibly be even root-cause of POIS.  To dig one steep deeper into the foundation even, cellular integrity, adhesion molecules, membrane structure that comprises skin/collagen improving that, maybe could be better approach to solving intestinal permeability instead of the common solutions I read about - like reducing bacteria etc.  I wish we had a lot of molecular biology scientists here. 
POIS Free, 1+ yrs despite daily o's (with occasional pois episodes)
Pois symptoms: Peripheral (Skin: Urticaria, dryness, pale blotchy skin), Exasperation of: [Nerve weakness, Muscle weakness + Mental (CNS: Brain Fog, Irritation, Isolation, Speech lethargy, Anxiety)].
Other conditions: ASD, ADD, GA