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Things I look forward
« on: June 22, 2013, 03:17:49 AM »
This thread is a list of  things I look forward. It's more a list for myself that gives me hope, especially when in POIS because I wouldn't remember.. ;D

BTW, I personally think the immune theory is involved. But that is just me and nothing more than a feeling.

So, here's the list.

1. The NORD research grant, which is obviously gonna come up with something.
2. Dr. Salamanca reported success on his therapy, waiting to know more about it ( Also because he is an urologist, which confirms my suspects that something wrong lies in the urinary tract.
3. Dr. Waldinger which, whether we like/love him or not, is the biggest POIS expert world-wide today 22/06/2013. I hope he comes up with something more interesting in the -near- future.
4. I think those male contraceptive pills are going to be available fairly soon, I'm curious to see if they have any impact on POIS.
5. Antihistamine H3 receptors are in the "oven" too. They are REALLY interesting for those supporting the immune theory.

If any of you has hopes or things to look forward please fill it here!
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After spending loads on supplements I found out that the only thing that works is abstinence. Full stop. And it's free.
Meditation if done correctly is great too.
Also avoiding computers produce faster recoveries and fewer temptations.