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Bartonella/ DR.Mozayeni
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I was listening to a radio program called people pharmacy and heard about the tick bartonella that causes similar to pois. That is not why am writting this though. This doctor on the show talking about bartonella looks like a fit for pois for those that live close to him, he might be willing to look at pois from a different angle than most doctors. I got the idea that he is used to people doing multiple test without any problems but still complaning about symptoms like brain fog, fatigue and joint pain while listening to the show. His profile says he works with chronic diseases  that have rheumatic and neurovascular manifestations.

I am going to do some more research on bartonella.

B. Robert Mozayeni, MD
Chief Medical Officer
Dr. Mozayeni is a Rheumatologist with graduate and post-graduate physician-scientist training from Albany Medical College, Yale University, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, and the National Institutes of Health (NCI, NHLBI, and NIAMS).  He is presently in private practice in Bethesda, MD where he specializes in chronic inflammatory diseases having rheumatic and neurovascular manifestations.  Dr. Mozayeni is the founder and Executive Director of the Translational Medicine Group where he has developed and commercialized software that supports data-driven methods to accelerate the evaluation and improvement of patient-centered care pathways. Under an ongoing research collaboration with Dr. Breitschwerdt, Dr. Mozayeni maintains an observational clinical evaluation of the significance of Bartonella infection in a cohort of several hundred human patients with otherwise unexplained chronic conditions. Clinical correlations between Bartonella species and various conditions are being determined as part of ongoing research which continues to redefine diagnostic and therapeutic options as dictated by clinical experience.